Ander Herrera don react to the Mad Goal wey e score against Northampton Town


Na Ander Herrera score the second goal against Northampton as United knack dem 3-1 

Ander Herrera don admit say hin dey carried away by hin emotions when e dey celebrate after e tear net as United knack Northampton 3-1. 

Manchester United fans yori yori for the Spaniard matter, onto say the guy dey passionate about the club. According to fans, Ander dey celebrate any goal wey hin score as if say na Champions League final… E go celebrate, forget himself, sometimes ref go even give am yellow card. One example na the goal wey e score against Yeovil Town, for FA Cup win wey happen for January 2015.

The goal wey Ander Herrera score for Sixfields Stadium make brain gan and as e tear their yansh, e con run do knee-slide ontop pitch, although e bin joke during hin MUTV interview say hin dey try avoid bookings.

“I gots control myself more onto say the last time i bin get yellow card, even before that time, another time i collect yellow card, so this time as i tear net, i no over ginger like that,” na wetin Ander yarn as e dey smile.

“But i no fit lie, e dey yori yori me to tear net for where our fans dey.”

The goal wey Ander Herrera score make brain and before e score am, there get one ball wey e shoot, wey knack post commot… This night, e show say hin dey try improve on hin scoring ability.


“I sabi my role na and i sabi say i be midfielder, but when you wan improve the kind player wey you be, you gots dey tear net,” Na wetin Ander point out. “Na wetin i bin try do tonight, na why i tear shot before, but the post no gree make i score that time. Last last, i tear net and e sweet me, but overall after that kind yama yama week wey we pass through, we don finally win and we fit face Leicester with confidence.”

As Herrera don state, United dey return back to Premier League action on Saturday and the Reds fit tackle the challenge as confidence don dey their body after a positive result against Northampton.

“Last week bin no make sense for us and we wan dey positive,” na wetin Ander yarn as e dey refer to the defeats wey Manchester United suffer against Manchester City, Feyenoord and Watford. “Now we gots face Leicester at home and after we don win this match, we dey feel good.”

“We get more confidence and belief now say we fit beat Leicester. We wan top table and we wan win, na we be Manchester United. Of course, na the people wey win Premier League last season we dey play against, the Champions, we gots respect them but we go try win.”


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