United captain Wayne Rooney don respond to hin critics: “Una too dey yarn rubbish”

Wayne Rooney don reply hin critics

Una sabi say many people (fans, reporters, etc) don yab the Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, say the guy dey play rubbish, say make Mourinho drop am from hin starting line-up. 

The England international don commot yarn say e no consign am, with wetin people talk, say na dem sabi. 

“No be today wey people don dey yab me – but e be like say e don increase lately but na how football take be,” na wetin Wayne talk. 

“I dey listen to my coachies, my teammates and the people wey dey around me but i no too dey listen to wetin many people out there dey talk, onto say many of dem dey yarn dust.” 

“I gots put mind for ball, work hard & na wetin i don do throughout my career. I don work hard & i dey try my best for d team.” 

The England international don also yarn ontop the role wey Jose Mohrinho give am for the club. 

“I don tap ball for different positions. I feel say i fit play for all the positions.” 

“I dey reason say d manager don make tings clear say i go play for front or i go dey no. 10 role. Na where e like make i dey.” 


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