Players report card :ManUtd vs Leicester (4-1)

After wetin be like bad belle wey follow person from village enter city as we dey lose games back to back like Hit track from Lil Kesh, the matter change as we return to our winning formula.

Today match na against EPL champions but bad belle people go say NA ordinary Leicester as we don knack dem.
Mourinho hear advise of fans and he decide to bench Rooney today, thank God say himself follow dey field and he take him eye see as game different. Before dem know wetin dey happen, we don knack dem like Carpenter dey knack nail enter wood. The match end 4-1 and we the fans happy die cos e don Tey wey we knack sweet ball like this. NA the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea: work no too much for am. The goal wey he chop I no fit blame am we all see as he save the second one wey that winsh Gray pikin Wan repeat again. I give am 6

Valencia: he really ginger go front but NA just this him 1-way ball be problem. Sometimes make he dey use him sense do something different. He dey get good chances. I give am 6

Blind: two assists from corner kick,thank God say Rooney no play cos nNA him for take the corner. He even defend well as he hold the left back position tight. I give am 8

Bailly: he pocket Vardy, he no even give am any single chance till they commot am for the game. He really get good game today, I give am 7


Paul Pogba bin score hin first United goal today 

Smalling: he score the first goal and he hold defence well with Bailly but he need to dey move ball forward sharply to create chance. I give am 7

Herrera :he dey the whole field dey run up and down, make tackles and better pass. He cover the defence well and make Pogba get chance go forward more. I give am 8

Pogba: he play solid game, he no dey gree lose ball and he score that fine powerful header. We also notice some of him fine easy passes and the chip wey he give Lingard wey let Mata score. I give am 8

Mata: he get good game even though he no too do plenty hard work, NA him run make Rashford score. I give am 7

Lingard: that him touch wey Mata use score sweet me. But apart from that, he just dey run and dab, he no really do plenty to talk about again. I give am 6

Rashford: he lose one good chance wey pain me but he redeem him image with the one wey he score. Him run dey worry defenders, me I believe say we need am constant for our team. I give am 7

Ibrahimovic : Baba dey holiday for this game. He lose one clear chance wey he chest for inside box play am go up. He need to dey more direct and put more effort. I give am 6

Substitutes :

Carrick: he enter and he bring small control to the game. He no let Leicester do us basa-basa. I give am 6

Rooney: he no do anything special and he no do mistake at least. I give am 6

Young: average performance, I give am 5

Na the players report card be that, so until our next game make Una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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