Pogboom chop Emma’s man of the match v Leicester

As Leicester come Old Trafford today der way we take off their pant ehh. We off am trowey inside Lagoon. Baba special make better changes and better result come follow.

As Manchester United flog Leicester City 4-1, who come chop man of the match. All of our players con play well. See only movement, pace and tempo for the game. Mata wey enter for baba Roo and Herrera wey enter for Fella play very well. Blind too sabi football. But na Pogba chop my man of the match. After all that noise wey media make, yin shut up everybody mouth. The boy play eith swagger. Too musch sabi. See that mad goal.

See ehh my fellow United pipo, dis match today sweet my body Wella. Pogba, Mata and Herrera control that midfield Wella. Logbook just dry distribute passes. They make one-twos with Zlatan and change positions. It get this wicked short wey yi light like that. Omo it wan kill Leicester keeper ohh. Then it get some anoda maad pass wey yin give Zlatan.

Infact ehh, Pogba too sabi. Where all those akagoms and agberos wey be dey doubt Paulo yin talent. Una papa!!! Paulo u get 9/10 for this performance today. You too sabi. One of many man of the matches.

Who you think win man of the match today? Just drop your comment below.



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