Everything to Ginger Una for Manchester United vs Stoke City

Manchester United vs Stoke City

We go dey follow Stoke City tap ball for our next EPL game wey go deyhappin tomorrow Sunday October 2nd 2016 by 12:00pm inside Old Trafford. Normal normal @manutdinpidgin go dey make sure say una no slack as we go dey give unaall the better tori wey go dey shele before the match go start, as the match dey happin and all the after match tori go follow on top twitter. As una sabi we no dey yarn this matter alone as we dey always get ogbonge celebrity wey go join us for the yarning but this week celebrity dey inside cooler we go dey yarn una who the person be later. So make una sharply go purshue us on top twitter make una for no lose for any of the ogbonge tori wey concern our darling club Manchester United for our country man language. Una still fit go like our page on top Facebook, like all our pictures for Instagram and even our videos for You-tube sef dey for una to watch and like.

Manchester United don shame plenty plenty people wey bin dey laugh as the team don leave trash for lawma and dem don start to dey win again. Even though that our last match for Europa League no too make sense as we dey tap nonsense ball but we still keep our three points for house and we be end September for high spirit as we be get three straight win. Another thing be say we see say Oga Mourinho be get plenty players wey hin fit use for different competitions-even if na chemistry experiment hin still dey do.

For that last match Fellaini just dey dull Pogba morale as we no see the kind ginger wey hin be get against Leicester City. Bros Rooney a.k.a Baba Kia be come from bench kon do one yama yama assist but e never still mean say hin don get the ginger wey we need so make hin still dey come from bench. Fosu-Mensah be tap correct ball and even though I no sure say hin go start this match hin fit dey bench. Lingard na another person wey tap yama yama ball for that match and e be like say the boy sabi to dab pass the ball wey we say make hin play. But I dey reason say na another team we go see for Sunday match and dem suppose tap better ball pass wettin we see for Thursday.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match

Manchester United vs Stoke City

For our side Luke Shaw don well after hin be sick sick, Henrikh “Miki-Miki” sef don standa wella from the woundjure wey hin be get so he dey possible make dem show for the match. Jones na master of woundjure people (how person wey no dey play fit get woundjure still dey surprise me) and hin no go dey while Bros Rooney a.k.a Papa Kia go dey reason make hin get starting shirt (I rebuke am) make hin still dey booth for bench.

For Stoke City area their midfielder Joe Allen (wey dem dey call Andre Pirlo of Wales – who dash am? I dey laugh my Spanish laugh) fit no dey the match as hin never train since last week as hin get woundjure and their forward Jon Walters fit show for the match as hin don well from woundjure but their goalkeeper Jack Butland no go make am (who he epp).

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • E don reach 40 years since Manchester United don lose game for house to Stoke City – na 1-0 lossing for April 1976 (nawa oh, dem no just try at all).
  • Stoke City don win only 5 of the 43 matches wey dem tap against us away (dem no sabishishi).
  • Manchester United don win 15 of the last 16 league games wey we follow dem tap inside all competition and we draw the remaining one.

Manchester United

  • United don dust all the yama yama commot for their body as dem be win three straight matches back to back after dem lose three back to back before.
  • Thursday 1-0 win for Europa League be end five games for all competitions wey we keep clean sheet.
  • We don win five of the last seven Premier League matches wey Papa Kia no start (I talk am make hin still dey bench dey booth).
  • Bros Rooney don tear net four times and hin get two assist for hin last three home league showing against Stoke City (abeg leave mata for Matias na bench be hin calling).

Stoke City

  • Stoke and Sunderland na the only teams wey never win any match for League this season (D2, L4).
  • Four for the six Premier League teams wey don carry just two points from their six starting matches don go relegation.
  • Stoke don win only one of their last 13 Premier League matches (D4, L8) – their matter no be for here dem suppose go mountain go pray.
  • Na dem and Bournemouth don tear net low pass for all the teams inside league this season- as dem get only four goals – dem really dey purshue dem.
  • Dem no get clean sheet inside 16 Premier League games nawa for wa oh.

I believe say if we play the way we take start against Leicester City last weekend we suppose fit add join all the problems wey dem get and we fit tear net like five times. Make una drop una own predictions inside the comment box.

And we dey use this medium jollificate with all Manchester United fans wey dey Nigeria as dem dey jollificate their Independence Day we for @manutdinpigdindey say Happy Independence to una.






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