Players report card Manchester United vs Stoke (1-1)

Manchester United vs Stoke City

No be small matter as we face Stoke and look to climb table go up small. Stoke na our wife right from time but for this match dem tight yansh well. We take plenty time before we finally see their pant off but last-last them collect am back from our hand.

I go blame our players cos we suppose don end the match for first half as we take do Leicester but we waste too many chances and we pay for that offence.

This one no be wetin we go blame coach for, na the players use their own hand take buy market and na them go use their head carry am.


Na the players report card be dis ,make una enjoy am.

DeGea: i no know whether he rub okra for gloves cos that ball wey dem use score us no be wetin go hard my grand mama to catch. Simple ball like that wey he go just pam even use am waste small time he vomit am give them to take knack us. I give am 4 for this him yeye performance.

Valencia: even with him red card he hold him ground for the match, the only problem i get with am na say after he don run go front with ball he no go know when to dribble player and when to do cross. I give am 5

Smalling: he too dey show signs of say he dey shake. No confidence to help move ball forward when he dey with ball na to dey pass go side and back. He get luck say dem no too attack us. I give am 5

Bailly: better player. He dey everywhere for defence and he help make some good clearance and tackles. He pocket Bonny and he no let any how yamayama pass am. I give am 6

Blind: he get good game but that mistake wey he make for the ball wey he suppose clear out wey go throw in wey dem use score us na rubbish. Truth be say he get time to control the ball before he come clear am but he rush and na wetin lead to the goal. I give am 6 because of all the better passes wey he launch from midfield to attack for us.

Herrera: he hold the midfield tight and he help move ball forward with speed and accuracy. I believe say he don justify him shirt for the team. I give am 6

Mata: he get very good game before them substitute am. He supply good balls and he work some fine moves with the attackers. Mourinho trust am and himself no fall him hand. I give am 7

Pogba: except for the chances wey he miss and fight wey he be wan fight with Allen, he get very good game as he take control of the midfield and help push the ball to attack. I give am 6

Lingard: he run here and there. Yes, he run and he miss one chance wey he suppose bury but Stoke keeper na just winsh. I go give am 6

Rashford: he show some signs of promise but the thing no end for goal. I no go blame am but he try well for the match. I give am 6

Ibrahimovic: na him lose the first major chance for the match, he lose another and he also no really impress with him pass to allow other players fit tear net. I give am 5


Martial: he enter and ginger the game immediately. He do wetin we expect and he pay off. I give am 7

Rooney: he do mistake but we thank God say na the mistake bring goal. Apart from that ,na just average performance he get. I give am 5

Memphis: i wan believe say na mistake he use enter field. Apart from the parting wey dey him head, i no see anything new from am last season and this season. I give am 4

Na the players report card be that, to draw better pass to lose. Make we dey look forward now to our next game, until then make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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