Juan Mata’s Blog: I vess gan after that Stoke match but some positives dey sha


Juan Mata dey vess as United play draw against Stoke City

As today na Monday, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode from hin blog.

My People how una dey,

As i dey write una today, i dey vess onto say i know say the team play wella but we no knack dem. We bin draw against Stoke, as una sabi, and e remain small we for knack dem but e no happen. Na pity, na the truth be that. Wetin wey i observe from pitch na say we dey play well, dey create many chances, dey pass ball wella but we no fit finish the job. The positive things wey we fit take away from the match, na say if we continue like this, we go dey get many good results.

After that yama yama defeats wey we pass through, we do wetin we gots do: Standa and we continue dey work hard to change things. We wakka enter next round for EFL Cup, we knack Leicester apako and we con knack Zorya with experience. Against Stoke, our moral bin dey high and we bin wan continue our good form. We play them ball sha, but we no fit tear net like dat.

From when the match start, we play pass them sote our fans con dey support us. For first half, e remain small for us to off their pant many times. We gots hail Stoke goalkeeper Lee Grant, for the way hin take perform. In the second half, we con off their pant, na Anthony Martial wey score mad goal, but when match almost finish, dey con play well small off our pant and na how the match take end draw. We bin try our best to knack dem onto say the three points bin dey very important but e no happen.

The fact say na only one point wey we collect instead of three dey vess person, and our mood con dull as we dey wakka enter international break, but we dey aware, say anything fit still happen. We get five matches for October and we go try our best, make the month gel.

Na how football take be. If you ball person gan and the match end draw, you gots accept am like that, nothing wey you fit do go change the result.

Make una enjoy una week!

Make we hug,



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