Juan Mata’s Blog: The Premier League dey come

As today na Monday, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode from hin blog.
 My People How una dey,

This week dey different onto say na international break, but now e don end and we dey chook our eye for Premier League matter, where we go have one of the biggest games wey dey this year: We dey wakka enter Anfield Road. As una sabi, na special game for people wey dey support Manchester United, and inshort ehn, one of the greatest matches wey go happen this season in European football. I get luck say i enjoy am when e happen for past and i fit assure una say no other game be like this one. This time, both teams dey hot, so i dey hope say the match go make brain gan.

Ehen, this week, 60 years don wakka past wey Sir Bobby Charlton play hin first match for Manchester United, so e make sense to hail am onto say na one of the best figures wey dey this history of this sport. If you wakka enter Spain, and you tell dem say make dem name one England Legend, the name wey you go hear na Bobby Charlton. Also, Sir Bobby na one of the best examples wey show say footballer wey sabi play gan, fit impact the sport after e don hang hin boots.

The first time wey luck shine for my side and i meet am, na after my first match for United in Old Trafford and since that time ehn, e dey do me like say him na person wey dey close to you and him dey very kind. Nowadays, after every match, e go wakka enter our dressing room. The way hin dey support this club dey amazing. Sir Bobby dey represent the United values gan.

 Now wey international break don finish, my mind dey reason say i go train this week, so i go fit enter the strating eleven wey go face Liverpool.
Make una enjoy una week. Make we hug,



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