Herrera Chop Emma’s man of the match V Liverpool

As Baba special yin men visit Anfield this night, everybody been don dey underestimate us. Everybody say dem go off our pant, but we no allow am. Our boys con block match,steal draw go back. 

As na away match for Anfield, and as Liverpool get form, this no be bad result at all ohh. Pesin wey play ball pass for this match na Ander Herrera. Herrera too understand football. Without him today, Liverpool for just dominate that midfield. Thank God for him ohh.

Fashi Pogba and Zlatan, na nonsense them just dey play. Rashford too just dey run around do nothing. Fella just dey chest ball fall down. Na Herrera and De Gea keep us for this match. Even as De Gea make some two better saves, na Herrera still chop man of the match.

Yin defend well, cover ground well, give some confam tackles, and better passes. Na him cover for Pogba and Fella their nonsense today. In fact, whoscored.com talk say Herrera 18 tackles and interceptions today na the highest for Premier league this season. Na him dominate midfield all. pocket Henderson and Coutihno. nice one Herrera. For all yin good work, I give am 8.5/10.

You agree with wety I write? You think say different pesin deserve am? Oya talk ya mind.


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