Players report card (Liverpool vs ManUtd 0-0)

Liverpool vs Manchester United

One of the oldest and toughest rivalry match for football world na this game and everybody don already dey gingered for the match. As usual, fans complain about the formation and selection wey baba special introduce to use before the game even start.

Bad belle people don already stand for we dormot ready to yab us based on say Liverpool current form make dem believe say dem go knack us well. But we thank God say no be as man dey think God dey think as we both play draw take settle the fight.

People think say the match no sweet cos dem no see goals as dem expect but the truth be say the match na midfield e start and end. Na there the real war for the match dey and na wetin no let chances plenty to score goals.

Na the players report card be this for the match

DeGea: he show us reason why we believe say na him still be the best keeper for EPL. After that him mistake against Stoke ,he come do two world class saves. The first one na that ground shot wey Can do and the second one na that fine dive wey he use stop Coutinho shot. I go give am 8 for the game

Valencia: he make many runs go front and defend well but all that no reach the tackle wey he do take stop Firminho from scoring us. That one alone na serious highlight. I give am 7

Smalling: he really do well take help the defence and he handle the captain role well as he coordinate the team well and waka go meet referee every time something happen. I give am 7

Bailly: he dey solid for the team defence through out the game and he help Smalling to remove any yama yama wey Liverpool wan bring enter our box. He don cement him place for the defence and na only injury or red card fit commot am for now. I give am 7

Blind: he get good game but i wonder why he come slow with the ball for this match. He almost ‘Gerrard’ the match when he dey think and come slip with the ball but thank God dem no score us. I give am 6

Herrera: the ginger just too much. He play the whole field and he show say he deserve regular shirt. Passes, Tackles and he hold ball well. I give am 8 for the match

Fellaini: average performance but we thank God say he no elbow anybody or match them join ground. Herrera also help include am for the match. I give am 6

Pogba: i really expect more from am for this game but he just dey slow. I believe say he suppose carry the match for head like headache and help go forward more to try make things happen for the game. I give am 5

Young: mr workaholic, he run the whole field and ginger with Blind for left wing. He get good game, I go give am 6

Rashford: i believe say na wrong position he play from. Maybe time don reach wey we go agree say na striker and play am for front or from left. The thing make am tire for the game, I give am 5

Ibrahimovic: he miss clear chance and miss another one even though na offside. He no just show enough ginger to do anything special for the game. I give am 5


Rooney: every body shout when we see say na him enter for Rashford. He no really do much but at least he no spoil match. I give am 5

Shaw: no time at all to assess am. Na dead minute baba put am so na just time wasting tactics he enter for.

The match don come and e don go so na to look forward to our next game, until then make we all remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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