Everything to Ginger Una for Manchester United vs Fenerbahce

Everything to Ginger Una for Manchester United vs Fenerbahce

Competition: Uefa Europa League

Date: Thursday, 20 October, 2016.

Group: A

Time: 08:05 pm

Venue: Old Trafford

Manchester United vs Fenerbanche

Fenerbahce go dey waka enter Old Trafford as we go don enter the Uefa Europa League week 3. Normal normal una fit dey follow all the yarning wey go dey shele before the match start, as the match dey happin and even as the match finish for @manutdinpigdin ontop twitter. We get Ogbonge correct shine shine star wey go dey follow us yarn ontop this match and Manchester United matter. So make una sharply go purshue us on top twitter so una for no lost for this special yarnings wey we go dey get. Make una no forget to like our page for Facebook, our picture for Instagram and our plenty ogbonge videos for Youtube.

My ogbonge follow Manchester United fans the last two performances wey we don get be totori my belle small; even though we be carry better ginger against Stoke City and we be make Liverpool match be like sleeping medicine (that match boring die)-me don learn two different things from the two matches and wettin me see na say we ;

  1. don show say we fit tap better ball against all these small small clubs;
  2. fit make all these club wey reason say dem sabi tap ball, tap better rubbish wey go vex their oga and fans sef; and
  3. we gats dey tear net as the chances dey come (na wettin scatter these two matches for us be that).

Another ogbonge thing wey me see be say we don see correct upgrade for our defence and defensive midfield section, but that upgrade never reach the whole team so e go make sense if that kin upgrade sef fit happin for our attacking midfield and attack section. Herrera don turn senior Bros for that hin position, hin just dey tap ball wey dey totori everybody heart, mind and body but Bros Zlatan and Pogba gats start to dey deliver on top pich, all the talk talk wey dem do don reach we won dey see the action for pitch.

Tori Tori about Dis Match

Manchester United vs Fenerbanche

Oga Mourinho don yarn say hin go arrange better players for this match as we go dey waka for “the valley of death” wey dey our front this week. This match so na the second of three matches wey we go dey play inside six days. Our tori and Fenerbahce tori no different at all at all as dem self dey hussle for points for their league. Rooney no be stranger to this people as na dem hin take shine as he start hin score hat-trick against dem for hin first Manchester United Champions League game (that na before before Rooney, this Rooney na photocopy).

Though na dem dey lead our group for Europa league but na one point dem take gap us and dem never lose any match inside this competition this season. Dem be get some players wey we sabi for their side; people like Robin Van Persie wey be play for us before and Martin Skrtel wey be play for Liverpool. Robin Van Persie be use three season for the club before Louis Van Gaal (Baba Philosophy) be sell am.

We don jam dem four times before-the first time we be knack dem 2-0 for 1996 before original Rooney kon score hat trick wen we be knack dem 6-2 inside Old Trafford for September 2004. The last time wey we be jam them na still that 2004 season wey we be chop 3-0 for their hands as the squad wey we carry go no make sense kobo kobo. E sure me say right now our guys go wan clear their doubt and as we get another ogbonge match against Chelsea for Sunday dem no go wan dull moral.

For my mind if we no just win this match (make dem do am anyhow)-my own be say make dem win then na to go mountain on top the matter. Make una yarn una mind for the comment box as per wettin una dey reason go happen for the math. #GGMU.



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