Everything to Ginger Una for Agberos vs Manchester United

Chelsea vs Manchester United

Manchester United go dey waka go Stamford Bridge as dem go dey play those people wey dey call themselves agberos a.k.a the Blues. The match go dey happin for Stamford Bridge for Sunday by 4:00 pm and as una sabi @manutdinpidgin dey ready to dey yarn all the tori as e go dey shele about this match. Dis weekend we no go get any shine shine star wey go dey follow us yarn but make una no shake because we dey gidiba with una so if you never start to dey purshue us make you sharply go twitter and make you start to dey purshue us. You still fit go like our page ontop Facebook, like all our pictures for Instagram and even our videos for You-tube sef dey for you to watch and like. Make you no forget the handle for everything na @manutdinpidgin.

The match wey we be play against Fenerbahce be totori me for body as we tap better correct ball. Plenty of the players wey be play that match fit no dey this one wey we go dey play but one koko wey me see be say Manchester United fit compete for three competitions wella and we get players wey go fit do am for us. Senior bros Carrick be tap correct ball (though hin be do one mumu mistake sha) and another thing be say hin be allow Pogba show himself wella for the game. Lingard sef be tap correct ball and hin kon even get assist and goal join all the things wey hin do for the match. Make I no just lie all the people wey tap ball that tap correct.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match

Chelsea vs Manchester United

Agberos don talk say John Terry standa wella for this game but dem no sure if hin go start. Willian and Oscar don come back after dem be travel go do some family matter but Branislav Ivanovic (dat guy wey get big yansh) and Cesc Fabregas no go dey as dem never well from their shikini woundjure wey dem get.

For our side we never know if Chris Smalling go start as hin be carry wondure against Fenerbahce but hin be waka join the match day squad sha. Henrikh Miki-Miki and Wazza no follow the squad travel.

    Proper Proper Match Tori


  • Agberos never lose any match for the 10 wey dem don tap against Manchester United for inside league and cup games (W5, D5);
  • The last time wey Manchester United be win inside Stamford Bridge since 2002, na for October 2012-(this one na gobe oh);
  • If Agberos be win this match e mean say dem don win Manchester United 50 times inside all competitions-(see double whahala);
  • Na four red cards don dey inside the last 6 Premier League jamming wey shele for Stamford Bridge;


  • Dem fit carry 3 back to back Premier League clean sheets for the first time since April 2015 when Jose Mourinho be their oga;
  • Dem don win 3 of the last 4 Premier League matches wey dem tap for house and e better pass the last 14 wey dem don tap for there;
  • Diego Costa don get hand inside 50 Premier League goals for Agberos (32 goals, 11 assists) inside 62 games;
  • Nemanja Matic don get 3 assists for 8 Premier League games this season and e better pass last season wey hin just 2 inside 33 games;
  • The only time wey Oga Mourinho be face Conte na for Italy and dem be play 1-1 (Inter vs Atalanta) but the two of dem no dey bench for the match as dem dey serve punishment.

Manchester United

  • Dem never win any Premier League game for London since dem flog Crystal Palace for May 2015;
  • Dem fit draw 3 back to back games for the first time since October 2010;
  • Bros Zlatan never tear with hin last 26 shots after hin be score 4 with hin first 15 shots;
  • Bros Zlatan don tear net against Agberos with PSG the two wey dem be jam for Uefa Champions League;
  • Oga Mourinho don lose two of hin first 8 matches with Manchester United for Premier League but when hin be Oga of the agberos na for hin 64th game he take lose hin 3rd

The match go hard no be lie but I still dey reason say we fit win am…….make una yarn us una own mind for the matter for our comment box. #GGMU.




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