Jose Mourihno carry Emma’s flop of the match V Chelsea

Jose Mourihno don confuse. I no fit believe say on the day wey baba Special carry Manchester United yin new club go yin old stomping ground for agberos bridge, yi make us collect 4-0. The way dem agberos take off our pant ehh, it dey pain my belle. Even as pur players play rubbish, pesin wey carry flop for match na Baba special. In fact, nothing no dey special about hin again.

Baba ordinary don lose the plot. Yin no sabi wety yin dey do again. Before I think say na Baba Roo be the cause of our problems..but now my eyes don clear. Na baba ordinary yin useless tactics and team selection dey kill us. How you go play fella,lingard and Rashford(fashi say yin sabi ball..the boi no be winger) against agberos, den leave Carrick,mata nd Martial for bench. Last season ma Martial be dey carry us, yin be dey terrorise defenders and they make them fear for attack us. Now baba special don carry him trowey for bench. Yes! We knw say Carro Carro don old, but na still our best defensive midfielder. Even is Carro dey 60 years ehh..yin suppose still play ahead of Fella. Fella no get no sense at all. Very foolish player wey dey behave like pesin without common sense. Mata wey play very well for Thursday, baba ordinary con bench am in favor of carpenters. 

Wety hard to play Carrick,herrera,pogba for midfield. Why u must put Fella? Abeg ansa me? Why no put Mata for field? Wety Martial dey do for bench? Why you dey use Rashford as winger? You no dey see say yin no fit play wing? Why papa Ibro must play 90 mins? You dey fear to bemch am? Which kind useless selection be this?

The way I dey see things ehh..if yin continue like this, yin no go reach December. Better make we no get manager. In fact ehh..make we beg GRAND POPSI SAF make yin come back. This others their wahala don too musch.

Baba ordinary na agberos pay you to come destroy us? Why you go dey select team like say you be imbecile? Which big game you don see Fella perform for dey? You no get common sense? In fact make I go find mumbo drink drunk.Now, I no fit go work tomorrow. Thunder fire your yansch. Ur own don too musch. 

Mr. Jose Mourihno your head is not correct. 



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