Players report card (Chelsea vs ManUtd 4-0)


This one no be matter of ‘dem say-dem say. Chelsea marsh our eye put pepper join self. This na match wey me believe say Mourinho  go use show the world say him ogbonge coach but he do rubbish. 

This players report no need plenty story, NA direct ẹ go be

I go blame Mourinho for him rubbish selection and as he no quick do anything to correct am even as he see say the game don tie wrapper. 

DeGea : the first goal I go follow blame am self cos I wonder why he rush out for the ball when he know say he no go reach am. I give am 5 for some good saves wey he make wey no let scores reach like 7-0

Smalling : I go give am 5 for the blocks wey he use body block when dem fire shot to score. 

Blind:I no know wetin he dey think today but he no just do well for me. He dey out of position many times and he allow Chelsea players run circle around am take enter we post. I give am 5

Bailly: he put him mind for the match, the injury now NA wetin we dey pray make e just be minor cos if e pass two weeks we go hear wen!  I give am 6

Valencia: he perform but no ginger for attack to epp am. He make many runs and cross. I give am 6

Fellaini: he try as he w self just kúkú come watch the game like me and you. I no know why Mourinho start am for this match. I give am 4

Pogba : I believe say NA this match he suppose carry for head like load make he ginger to score but he self follow dem dey do rubbish. I give am 5

Herrera: he show say he deserve to dey play every match for us. NA him be the stand out player for this match. He put body finish for the match. I give am 7

Rashford: I still dey talk say make we leave this boy for striker position, this wing no dey favour am at all. I give am 5

Lingard: he fire one shot, dazz all. I give am 4.

Ibrahimovic : bàbà just come collect pension for ManUtd. He no do anything for this game wey swell person head. I give am 4

Mata:he try to run things when he enter but by that time water don pass garri. I give am 5

Rojo: he dash them chance, thank God say dem no score am. He fire one better shot sha when Courtious save. I give am 5

Martial: if to say he start early things for different. He really frustrate for the wing he play. I give am 4

Na the players report card be that, now NA make we dey look how we no ho chop another embarrassment when we play City on Wednesday. Make Mourinho no do like mad man make rubbish selection again. Until then, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND 


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