Everything to Ginger Una for another Manchester Derby (Manchester United vs Manchester City)

EFL Logo

Everything to Ginger Una for another Manchester Derby

(Manchester United vs Manchester City)

Competition: EFL Cup-4th Round

Date: Wednesday 26th, 2016.

Time: 8:00 p.m

Venue: Old Trafford

Manchester City a.k.a “alariwo of Manchester” go dey waka come Old Trafford for another derby but this one go dey shele for inside EFL Cup a.k.a Carling Cup. Even though Manchester United players dey fall our hand for field we for @manutdinpigdin no go fall una hand as we go dey totori una with all the tori wey join for the match on top twitter. For this match we get one correct madam wey go join us for the yarning and her name na Nataly Antar and no be the first time she go dey follow us yarn be this as she don follow us yarn for the first derby wey we bin play. So if you follow for people wey no hear the first yarning, sharply go purshue us for twitter so you no go carry last again. Una still fit like our page for Facebook, our pictures for Instagram and our plenty ogbonge videos for Youtube……our handle never change na still @manutdinpigdin and na we fit dey sama una with all the better better tori wey join for Manchester United matter for our country man language.

My people if I talk say that match wey we follow agberos tap no pepper me for body, na big lie I dey lie. The match ehn just confuse me and the person wey vex me pass na Oga Mourinho as I no just understand the line-up wey hin arrange for that match. He just do mumu things, dey drink water like fish as dem agberos dey tear our yansh anyhow. Anyway oh me don forgive am for all the yama yama rubbish wey hin take stain us and if hin no want make fans change am for am e go better make hin start to dey win……even if the win ugly (who fine win don epp wettin we want na correct 3 points). Me no go talk pass this one……..

Tori Tori about Dis Match

Rooney, Pogba, Stones, Sterling

Manchester United sef never do better this October inside league as we never win any match for league inside this October. Eric Bailly no go dey sef for this match as hin carry woundjure for that agbero match and hin go commot for at least two months. Aside from am na only Jones biscuit bone no go dey.

Manchester City no go get Kevin de Bruyne (ope oh) as hin get wondure. Pablo Zabaleta sef no go dey but Vincent Kompany go dey area. City never win for any of the last 5 matches weydem be don play and apari Pep go rotate hin line-up.

Proper Proper Match Tori

Manchester derby

  • Manchester United don win only 2 of the last 6 former League Cup jammings against Man City (D1 L3), even though we never we never chop am for the last 3 jammings inside Old Trafford;
  • The last time wey dem be jam each other for League Cup na for 2009-10 semi-final and United be win dem 4-3 for aggregate as dem chop 3-1 for Old Trafford;
  • The two times weydemcommot Manchester United for League Cup jammings, Man City be win the Cup (1969-70 and 1975-76);
  • Inside all competitions, Man City don win 4 of their former 6 jammings for Old Trafford (D1 L1);
  • Two inside the 3 times wey Oga Mourinho don knack Pep Guardiola na inside cup competition (one Champions League, one Copa Del Rey);
  • For all competitions, Guardiola don fail to win hin past 3 away games with Man City. He don only go 4 away games without a win once inside hin managerial career (March 2009).

Me no fit talk wettin go happin for this match but as fan wey I be…..I go talk say we go knack dem wella. Make una drop una own yarnings for the comment box wey dey down. #GGMU



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