Baba special don get the answer to hin midfield wahala


Who go believe say upon all the money we don spend for midfielders, say United go still come back to depend on Michael Carrick to control the midfield for us?

Baba special don dey struggle with the correct people wey go fit run that midfield since season start. Pogba na confirmed starter for midfield before Herrera come follow join, the third person na em bin be the problem.

Mourinho try Rooney, nothing come out, e try Fellaini; that one sometimes something dey come out, sometimes nothing dey come out. Mourinho dey only try Schneiderlin and Carrick for Europa and Carling cup. All the games wey Carrick don play, e control the midfield wella and i dey feel say na hin be the last person wey go join Pogba and Herrera to complete that midfield.

The first game wey carrick play this season, e score after e give one better performance like that. Europa against Fernabache too, e play well, last night against Man City, Carrick play wella, e make sure say e protect Blind and Rojo wey play center back.

The wey Carrick play last night, e make sense. E no give City chance to play ball inside our box, e rally the midfielders and defenders to stop City to make any shot on target yesterday.

So the way i dey see this thing, e be like say na Carrick fit this Mourinho pattern of football because e dey understand the game any time e play. The only way wey we fit dey control the midfield na when Carrick play and maybe Schneidelin go dey learn small small so that e go fit replace am whenever e no dey available.

Wetin you think?

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