Players report card ManUtd vs Burnley (0-0)


This match na clear case of ‘follow come’ from village cos i no know wetin else person for fit use explain am. Nothing just work for our favor for the match. E don tey wey we play match create plenty chances like this but we no even see 1 single goal score.

We all go blame Zlatan for the plenty rubbish wey he do as he no gree chook ball inside net but still yet i go clap for Burnley keeper as he self make sure say we no score am.

The matter cause frustration for fans and players self so tey referee self pursue Mourinho go siddo with fans dem.

This match even though na draw we draw am, e be like big loss to me. Na the players report card be dis:

DeGea: he no really get plenty to do as na we dey even attack. The few times wey he catch ball na from corner kick. I give am 6.

Darmian: he ginger well from defence to attack. H e even get one penalty wey he for claim but Clattenburg throway face. I give am 6

Rojo: he really continue from him past game as he chook body finish for the match and he no allow any how yama-yama enter we defence. He try some fine shot self even though all na Nigeria airways. I give am 6

Blind: he really help the team from defence as he try launch some balls go attack as he become midfielder when Herrera comot for the game. I give am 6

Shaw: he no really ginger the attack as we know say he sabi but at least for that tackle wey he take win ball from Gray wey he no let am score, i go give am 6.

Herrera: mr workaholic, he dey the whole field. I  believe say if to say he still dey he for change things but the referee give am second yellow and commot am for the game.As he commot na so our yansh open for midfield. I  give am 6

Lingard: i no see why Mourinho start am. He just dey jump up and down like grass cutter. Him passes dey poor and he no really add any thing to the team. I give am 3

Mata: he really try for this game and even most of the chances wey we get he get hand inside. I no know why Mourinho commot am. I give am 7

Rashford: when he start from left wing he ginger well but as Baba Special carry am go right to replace Lingard, na there the boy shine come off. IU give am 6

Pogba: he for get two assist but Ibra no just help am. He try well but i believe say himself need to go dey try him own shot well so he go fit dey create goals by himself. I give am 6

Ibrahimovic: time don reach wey he go rest small look as dem dey play for premiership. He throway many chances today. I give am 5



Fellaini: i still dey reason why Mourinho bring am enter match. We just need one midfielder for that game wey fit do better pass no be person wey go dey head aerial ball. I give am 4

Rooney: he slow down the game unnecessarily.I give am 4

Memphis: LOL!!!

Na the players report card be that. Until our next game,make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND



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