Tom Heaton chop Emma’s Man of the match V Burnley

Saaaaaa Massa. United no dey try at all. I no know wety they worry this my team. United play everything today, but Tom Heaton, Mark Clattenberg and Zlatan deny us victory. Heaton our own former player wey make 13 years with us, decide become Wall of Jericho today. Times wey we try beat am, Zlatan yin paddy deny to score am for us. Clattenberg yin own worse, yi give Herrera stupid second yellow, and yi deny blow when them kick Damian for inside box.

For this match like this Jose Mourihno boys create 36 chances, but no fit score even one. Na waoohhh for Manchester United ohh. Our own boy too Herrera too chop red card. But even as we be dey down to 10 players, our boys still play well. Them try their best. Pogba give Zlatan better ball, but Zlatan deny to score. I don dey see am like fraud. Why Mourihno no dey bench am, I no know.

But the real person wey stop us this today, na that Tom Heaton. Yin keep some keeping today wey I respect am. Yi no grin allow us score even one goal. For this yin strong performance, even as it dey pain my belle, I go still give am 8.7/10 and na yin chop my man of the match.

Oya you agree with me?

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