Juan Mata’s Blog: We go soon begin reap from wetin we dey sow (hardwork)


Juan Mata believe say we go improve on our finishing

As today na Monday, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode from hin blog.

My people, How una dey,

I dey write una after one Sunday wey dey somehow for Manchester, the night just dey come fast fast onto say the clocks don dey one hour late. Winter dey come oyoyo…Today dey very quiet and the thing wey dey my mind na the match wey happen on Saturday, na one of the weirdest draws wey i don see for my life since when i begin play ball. If you bin watch our match against Burnley, then you go gree say e dey pain if you create plenty chances but na only one point wey you wakka commot with. I know say Heaton, their goalkeeper, go remember the match for the rest of hin life and nothing wey person go fit do but to congratulate am. Everything wey we fire at am, e save am.

The team bin play well as soon as match start o. We bin dey fight for goal from start to finish, even if we bin play part of the match with only ten men. The number of shots on target wey we see for the match, e plenty die, their defenders try, but the person wey try pass na their goalkeeper, e pain me say we no see goal. I know say no be the first time wey this kind thing dey happen but na how football take be. Sometimes, person go play well gan but the scoreline no go represent wetin the person show ontop pitch. Sometimes you go play rubbish self, but you go still wakka commot with three points. I dey reason say the way we take perform on Saturday, dey show una say, if we gel, we go dey unstoppable. If say we for tear net, that match for be one of the best matches wey we don get this season, so make we no dey too negative about am. However, we go work harder on our yansh tearing.

I believe die say the team dey on the right track, after all the hardwork wey we don show ontop pitch. We bin prove say we sabi on Wednesday as we kick Manchester City commot for the EFL Cup. Before that match, na that horrible defeat wey happen but we bin show say na we be United, say we fit beat anybody, na how we take beat City. E dey pain me say we no fit tear Burnley yansh but i know say we go begin reap the fruit of our labour soon.

Anyway, no be complain i come do for here. We gots continue dey work on our confidence now. We gots try our best for the next two matches wey we get this week. Both of them go tough. The one wey we get against Fenerbahce in the Europa League, and the Premier League match wey we get against Swansea on Sunday. These na the two matches wey we dey focus on, and all the goals wey we no fit score against Burnley, we go score am against these people.

Make i sign off. As always, i dey thank una for support after the match. The fact say una remain till match finish, bin show say una sabi say we dey try. Make una enjoy una week.

‎Make we Hug,


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