Everything to Ginger Una for Swansea City vs Manchester United

Swansea City vs Manchester United

Everything to Ginger Una for Swansea City vs Manchester United

Manchester United dey travel go Liberty Stadium go play the next EPL game before international break go happin. The match dey happin today Sunday November 6th 2016 by 4:00pm. @manutdinpidgin don standa wella to give una all the match tori wey join about this match. We go dey torchlight matter on the tori wey go happin before the match go start, as the match dey happin, and even as the match end. All these yarning go dey happin on top twitter on top our account wey be @manutdinpidgin so sharply sharply if you join for people wey never dey purshue us carry your phone and make you start dey purshue us so you for not lost for all the yarnings. Una still fit go like our page ontop Facebook, like all our pictures for Instagram and even our videos for You-tube sef dey for una to watch and like.

My fellow Manchester United fans, as I dey write this tori my heart dey bleed as our darling club don fall our hand anyhow. No be this kind yama yama we dey reason go happin when we be carry Baba Mourinho, Pogba and Bros Zlatan come for end of last season. E sure me say plenty people even people wey no be fans of Manchester United dey reason say we go just dey yeye other teams wey we jam but na the opposite dey happin because na we other teams come dey yeye and we the fans dey suffer am pass.

Dat our last game against Fenerbahce just be like say the players no train go at all at all. Dem just dey play yama yama, Rojo and Blind do like proper mumu for that first goal, Zlatan turn hinself to fighter like say na wrestling ring we dey. Baba Mou for hin own side sef dey do like ode, me no know why hin no wan use Miki, and why hin never know hin first 11. If dem ask me, the matter pass wettin we dey see because e be like say as Baba Fergie commot, hin carry the winning mentality go with am. Me just dey hope say this matter wey dey worry dem go sharply end because me don tire for yama yama talk from other fans.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match


Swansea winger Jefferson Montero fit make hin first league start of the season after hin woundure be go. Kyle Naughton don well sef from sick wey no allow am play against Stoke City on Monday.

For our side, Paul Pogba fit no play after hin be woundjure against Fenerbahce and Ander Herrera no go play at all at all as hin be collect red card for that match against Burnley and Baba Mou sef no go dey touchline as dem be purshue am for that Burnley game sef.

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • Swansea don win 3 of the last 4 league matches wey dem don tap against Manchester United even though we be knack dem when we be jam for January;
  • The last 4 games wey the two team be play don end for 2-1.

Swansea City

  • Swansea no get any win inside 9 league games (L7, D2);
  • They never win any match for their house this season – 6 matches inside all competitions;
  • Swansea don concede at least 2 goals inside 7 of their last 9 Premier League matches;
  • This na their worst start inside any Premier League season (5 points after 10 games). That na 6 points lesser than their before before record (11 points inside 2013-14).

Manchester United

  • Manchester United never win inside 4 league games (D3, L1) and na only one win inside 7 league games (D3, L3);
  • Na only one goal don enter inside 4 league games;
  • Na only one goal don enter from inside the last 91 shots wey players don play inside Premier League and no goal don enter from inside the last 67 shots since Anthony Martial be tear net against Stoke;
  • Bros Zlatan never tear net inside Premier League since 10 September. After hin be tear net with 4 goals inside hin first 4 games, he never score inside the last 6.

I believe say if we tap better ball and Jose Mourinho be get hin starting line up correct we suppose fit win this match. Make una drop una own predictions inside the comment box.



One thought on “Everything to Ginger Una for Swansea City vs Manchester United

  1. It was expected for Manchester United to win yesterday’s game. Ibrahimovic’s goals came as a nice surprise. It is good to see Manchester United scoring a victory in this match and adding 3 more points for their league rankings. I am sure José Mourinho will have to review the team’s offensive and defensive strategy for the next match against Arsenal. If you have some knowledge regarding football, you can share your opinion using the Unibet reviews.

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