Ander Herrera chop Emma’s Man of the Match Vs Arsenal

Even as Olivier Giroud con spoil our soup, Mourihno’s boys play well. Manchester United do their best, but it get as it be, today no be be our day. But, my guy Herrera play better ball today. This boy dey make me proud aswear. I be don dey cry yin matter since as Baba philo be dey bench am. Now yin dey show wety yi be made of.

Herrera show us say yin be midfield genius. Yin and Valencia wey just come back from injury, play better ball. Herrera ginger our ball and even give assist. See yin match stats…wandaful player

Andre Mariner that mumu ref deny us penalty and just dey do rubbish for field but we be proud of our boys today. The kind ginger wey Herrera get under baba special ehh, yin too much. Baba Herrera just just continue like that.

But aseh my pipo, wety dey worry Manchester United? Why everything dey against us?

Wetin you think?

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