Fellaini chop Emma’s man of the match vs Everton

This Fellaini na serious ode. Big imbecile. How them go put you for field to come secure us three point, u instead con cause na penalty. I be don dey ask why Fellaini still dey Man Utd. Na yin don kill us today.

I sabi say yin play na only 15 minutes, but for that 15mins, yin kill all wety we be don work for the whole match. Why Mou con put am, na only yin sabi. You con remove human out tree inside field and you win win match.

Even when dem don score us, oya Fellaini go do something score back, yin just go dey kick ball na outside. Useless player.

Make u just dey carry your bags dey go. I don forget sep say yin be former Everton. Na yin plan since. 

Another person na Mourihno. Yin brain don off. Why you dey bring tree on. 

Mumu player, mumu coach.



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