Players report card (Crystal Palace vs ManUtd 1-2)

When God wan start to bless him pikin, bad belle people and enemies go say NA just luck. NA this kind thing be wetin happen yesterday as we face Crystal Palace for this mid-week game. 

Bad belle people don already dey wait think say we go lose or Last-last order draw soup, but the ways of God no be the way of man. 

We start the match with plenty ginger as we begin press them and keep possession for almost 20 minutes of the game. We come slack after then and the game just turn to dulling one kind. Even after we score come enter second half NA dem come dey press till dem score us and panic come enter. 

We step up the game and come finally score the winning goal for match wey be like say NA draw e go be. 

Make we leave story for jjournalists, NA the players report card be dis

DeGea : he give good performance as usual, make some good saves for the match. Him ball delivery to outfield players self correct. I give am 7

Bailly : we just dey hope say him injury no go give am another problem cos he no really enjoy himself for the game as we expect. I give am 6 still. 

Jones : he play well for the defence except when he gock himself for the goal wey we chop. I give am 6

Rojo:clearing and forwarding agent. This one no wan know wetin dey happen. Everything NA to clear am. He need to learn how to stop dey throw that him double leg challenge. Yesterday, NA God save am he for collect red card for that him tackle. I give am 7

Blind: Mr. Gentle, no gra gra, common sense defender. He apply sense where he know say power no dey. Tidy game but he no too supply the attack as he dey do. I give am 6

Carrick :Na him balance the midfield. He make sure say he link play and throw some good passes. I give am 6

Pogba:although he get some yeye moments for the game when he dey form power mike when he suppose just pass, he still correct him mistakes and help win the game. Him one goal and assist dey enough for me to give am 8

Herrera:as usual he put all him body for the Match. He make some good tackles and make sure say dem midfielders no get free chance. I give am 7 

Mata:he fall my hand for the match. He don show say Mkhitaryan deserve to play ahead of am if na how he go dey play be dis. I give am 5. 

Rooney:e be like say na wrong position he play cos all him passes get comma and he come dey slower than normal. The chance wey he get to score he miss am.I give am . 

Ibrahimovic: he return the assist wey Pogba give am with our winning goal. He try continue dey disturb their defence till he score the winning goal. He slow for some part of the match but for that goal as he read the pass and score am,i give am 7


Darmian:he never sabi this defending-attacking thing well. He no really do much to help attackers for front. I give am 5

Lingard:he try one good shot but NA keeper hand e enter. He try small for the match as no be just gallop he gallop. I give am 5

Rashford:e be like say dem force am to play the match. He no really do anything special to help the team. He don dey lose confidence and he need to step up him game. I give am 4

Na the players report card be that, until our next game, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND 


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