Everything to Ginger Una for Manchester United vs Middlesbrough


The year don end finish, and Manchester United don gather better ginger and if we maintain this ginger enter 2017, e sure me say that top 4 wey we dey purshue we go get am. Our final game for the year 2016 na Premier League game wey go happen tomorrow 31st December against Middlesbrough for Old Trafford by 4:00 pm 9ja time. As usual we for @ manutdinpigdin standa gidi gbam to yarn una all the tori of the match for our twitter page @manutdinpigdin……so if you never dey purshue us sharply go purshue us for twitter so you go dey dull as for 2017. Also you still fit like all our ogbonge picture for Instagram and our laugh belle finish videos for Youtube and our Facebook page as the matter dey hot…… our handle never change na still @manutdinpigdin.

Twale to Bros Zlatan as hin don start to show say no be only swagger to talk hin get but hin get the swagger to tap ball and tear met sef. That hin goal for “Boxing Day” make am 50 times wey hin don tear net inside 2016 for all competitions and hin get chance to overtake Messi if hin fit tear net for tomorrow game. Double twale for our Armenian winchi-Henrikh Mkhitaryan a.k.a “Miki-Miki”-I no go lie Lingard dey try for match oh but abeg difference dey between Kote and Titus fish. “Miki-Miki” get movement wey dey change match like flash, hin get positioning, hin sabi to carry ball face opponent wey fit allow am collect foul wey go favour the team and hin sabi score spectacular goal-bone say that scorpion kick own dey offside……the goal still tight abeg. Anyways my prayer be say all the winchi defenders wey dey league like Rose no go see am to woundjure am (AMEN!!!!).

As I talk for starting, we don gather better ginger and all the other teams wey dey inside the league don start to shake piss for body because them know say we no dey dull again. As per our ginger levels, the knacking wey we give Sunderland for “Boxing Day” make am 11 unbeaten run inside all competitions we dey play ball and we don get 4 back-to-back wins inside league sef. Though all our players don step up their game, and our team don start to dey gel wella, me still get small problem with the team. The problem wey me get be say our midfielders and defenders never start to dey join hand for the goal scoring matter. This matter dey very serious because if we check our goal difference ehn e no just join at all and everybody sabi say for this our league goal difference be like point on hin own. So abeg make every Oga Mourinho follow them yarn make them start to dey score plenty and make them no leave am for our strikers them alone……even if De gea fit commot for post come score we no go mind.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match


For our side, Bros Rooney fit no dey the match as the woundjure wey no allow am tap ball for “Boxing Day” never commot finish. Luke Shaw never well finish but oga Mourinho don yarn say hin go soon return to gidi gbam very soon.

For Middlesbrough side, their defender Antonio Barragan no go dey as hin dey serve punishment. Their winger Viktor Fischer sef no go dey as hin be get wondjure for knee.

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • Manchester United get unbeaten inside their last 7 league meetings against Middlesbrough (W4, D3). The last time them chop am na for October 2005 for Boro domain and na 4-1 the match end;
  • But the most recent jamming wy happen for Old Trafford na for League Cup for October last season and Boro be win 3-1 for penalties after the match be end for 0-0 draw;
  • Middlesbrough last league winning for Old Trafford happen for February 2004.

Manchester United

  • Them fit win 5 league games inside the same month for the first time since December 2012;
  • Them never chop am inside the last 9 league games, and inside 7 wey happen for Old Trafford (W3, D4);
  • Them don keep clean sheet inside their last league game of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015…..abeg make e happen this year again;
  • Bros Zlatan don join hand for 14 Premier League goals this season (12 goals, 2 assists)-na 8 he take pass any other Manchester United player.


  • Them don lose 3 inside their last 4 league matches;
  • Na only one win them get inside the last 22 Premier League away matches wey them play (D6, L15);
  • But them never lose any of their last league match inside calendar year since 2009 (W4, D2);
  • Na only Hull wey get 14 goals, na him Middlesbrough don tear net pass this season with 16 goals.

The way we dey play so I dey predict say we go win by 2-0 dat na if e no pass sef-this one go be better New Year gift for us fans. You fit drop your own prediction for the comment box wey dey below…….#GGMU.

We the team of MANCHESTER UNITED IN PIDGIN dey use this medium to wish all Manchester United fans all over the world Happy New Year in Advance. We go dey see una next year.



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