Players report card, West Ham vs Manchester United (0-2)


Happy New Year to all our fans as una plenty reach round the world. This year na the year of better beginnings as we kick off our first game of the year for London Stadium with West Ham. We no fit afford anything pass straight win for the match to keep the pressure on the other teams wey dey above us for the table.

The match start well but I no go lie the referee no try at all for the match as he get many wrong calls wey he make. The highest na the red card wey he give Feghouli for 15th minute. The tackle no too bad even though Jones make am look like that and worst wey he for give na just yellow card. Another decision wey the officials get wrong na the goal wey Zlatan score, he dey offside position but the linesman no see am.

Anyway as oyinbo go talk, “let bygones be bygones” the goals don count already and if West Ham like dem fit go protest the red card.

My main problem for the match be say even as West Ham get red card we no take advantage and try to end the match immediately. We just dey hold possession and pass around. I expect say we for even try get more goals as possible. Every goal suppose count now make we dey score as much a swe fit cos e fit be goal difference wey go separate teams when season end.

Na the players report card for the game be this

De Gea 8/10 : to dey talk say DeGea na world class keeper na just like make person dey explain say sugar sweet. The save wey he make when Lanzini fire one ground shot and when he wan try whine ball for up to hang am no be small matter. Even when he get one-on-one against Antonio he still prove himself to save the ball and keep clean sheet.

Valencia 5/10 : I no really like how he play the match. He no too deliver go front and that chance wey he miss for front of post no get explanation. He come go collect yellow card join when he wan break Lanzini back.

Jones 6/10 : he dey composed for the game but me I no like how he demo for the referee to make them give Feghouli red card. The West Ham fans no let am rest throughout the game as dem begin dey boo am when he touch ball. The thing make am do some few wrong passes but he settle down later on.

Rojo 6/10 : no nonsense man. He don adapt to play the central and left back well. He start for middle and end the game for left back as Mourinho change formation to try win the game. Him space for the team now with him form na only injury fit bench am.

Darmian 5/10 : he do the minimum as he no cost us but him delivery whenever he run go front with the ball no blend at all. I expect am to fit deliver good crosses wey go find person for box. He get yellow card join.

Herrera 6/10 : as usual him work rate and concentration na him key point. He get one good attempt wey Randolph save. Dem match him head wey blood begin pour self for first half but he come back come do him work for the game.

Carrick 6/10 : him passes dey very accurate as usual as he stabilise the game from midfield.

Pogba 7/10 : he follow dictate the direction and speed of the match. He get two good chances wey he play but the two na ‘remain small’ end am

Lingard 5/10 : this one just dey gallop up and down as usual, so tey he miss ball wey dey him front for front of post he play am knack bar like say na cross bar challenge dem dey do. He really need to work on him game.

Mkhitaryan 7/10 : na him knack all the ball for first half and he dey till baba Mourinho commot am after we score the first goal.

Zlatan 6/10 : him do many wrong passes for the game, na for second half he come try pick up small come dey do some ‘me to you’ passes with Pogba. Him goal for no count but no be me be referee.


Mata 7/10 : he position himself well to receive the ball knack our first goal enter. I dey impressed with how he carry the game.

Smalling 5/10 : he no really do much but as he no cost us any goal/mistake with the way he been dey shake when he enter field  we go thank God.

Rashford 7/10 : as he enter the match he make sure say he carry ball at all times to go dey pepper their defenders and na wetin make us see the first goal be that. He try for the match, I no get any complain against am.

Bad belle people go say even with all our win we still no commot for 6th position but dem no go remember say points dey reduce. Na the report card be that and until our next game make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

Wetin you think?

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