Everything to Ginger Una for Manchester United vs Reading


Competition: FA Cup -Third Round

Date: Saturday, 07 January 2017.

Time: 1:30 p.m

Venue: Old Trafford

My fellow ogbonge Manchester United una well done oh…….this year don start with better jollification for us as our team carry over their ginger from last year enter this new year and them no send anybody talk less say them wan look Uche face. Some people go yarn say the last match wey we be play for league against West Ham say plenty ojoro dey inside but that one na tori for the gods after all no be today ojoro don dey football and we sef don chop some plenty ojoro wey no favour us this season. This weekend Premier League match no go dey but instead na FA Cup match go dey. As una sabi na we be win the trophy last season as we be knack Crystal Palace 2-1 for Wembley Stadium and we be use the trophy and the match do send forth for Van Gaal a.k.a “Baba Philosophy”.

This one mean say we dey enter the competition as title-holder and na chance for us to defend the trophy and see if we fit win am back-to-back so we go pass Arsenal as the record holder for highest number of FA Cup wey team don win. Our first match for the competition na against Reading and the match go dey happin for Old Trafford tomorrow Saturday by 1:30 pm 9ja time. Una fit follow all the better tori about the match for our twitter page @manutdinpigdin as e dey hot. And make una no forget to like our Facebook page, our picture for Instagram, and our videos for YouTube……everything na one account @manutdinpigdin.

Tori Tori about Dis Match


Sergio Romero go start the match against Reading tomorrow for FA Cup and hin go wan impress wella.

As the season don start to dey hot and plenty plenty matches go dey happin left, right and center, oga Mourinho go wan rotate the squad small so that some players go fit rest wella and other players wey no too dey see shirt for league go get chance to show their talent.

For our side, Bros Wayne Rooney a.k.a Papa Kia go dey the match after woundjure no gree am play for the last three matches infact oga Mourinho don yarn say he go start the match and I sure say Bros go dey reason this match as chance for am to equal that Sir Bobby Charlton record wey hin don dey eye since. Another player wey go start na Sergio Romero instead of De Gea.

But Schneidrlin and Depay no go the match as them still dey reason their matter if them go remain for the club or port go another club.

For them Reading side, their players; Callum Harriott, Stephen Quinn and Anssi Jaakkola,  Deniss Rakels no go dey as them get woundjure.

The match na return for one of our own personal person wey don play for Manchester United before and hin name na Jaap Stam. Forget say Reading dey championship, I no go want make our guys use the match play because them get ginger for body sef and na them be 3rd for championship. But everybody know say this period we get better ginger for body and this na chance for us to get 8th back-to-back wins inside all competitions wey we dey play.

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • The last time wey Reading flog Manchester United for FA Cup na for 1927, and them don draw 2, and lose 6 of the other 8 jammings wey don happin since that time.

Manchester United

  • Them don move commot from all the 6 third-round jammings wey dem dey expect against Swansea for 2013-14 season;
  • Them never chop am inside the last 24 jammings wey them don play against championship side (W20, D4)-the last time wey them chop am na for 1981-82 season against Watford;
  • Juan Mata don tear net inside 3 back-to-back FA Cup games for Manchester United, even the one wey hin score against Crystal Palace for last FA Cup final join.


  • The last two chopings wey them don collect away to Premier League teams inside FA Cup don happin for Manchester (1-0 against City for 2010-11 and 2-1 against United for 2012-13).

The kind form wey we get how ehn any team wey no standa wella go chop am anyhow so me dey predict say we go knack Reading at least 2-0 as per current champion things……una fit drop una own prediction for the comment box below or make una predict for our twitter handle @manutdinpigdin…..#GGMU.



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