The no.7 jersey, they curse am?!

Manchester United don enter one mad form wey don see us go 11 games unbeaten. We don get 6 wins for Premier league back to back for our last 6 games. The matter just dey sweet us fans unto say we don dey see the REAL Man Utd wey we don dey support since the days when Sir Alex be coachie. Our players too don ginger sotay even the ones wey we no expect ginger dey ball HARD gan!

EPL dey on short break but that no mean say match no dey as FA cup fixtures dey on P and we get game against Reading tomorrow, 7th January. (We go bring una live commentary for our twitter handle @manutdinpidgin. No miss am). This na chance for some players wey no too dey see ball play for EPL to tap ball. Players like Baba Schweini, Ashley Young, Fosu-Mensah AND OUR NO.7 Memphis Depay.

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Yes o, i wan talk one issue wey don dey worry me since. The matter don tire Man Utd fans sotay e vex some sef. Na the issue of who dey wear No.7 jersey. United na club wey get big history and that jersey number na very important number as players wey don wear am from time past na so so legends them be. From George Best to Bryan Robson to Eric Cantona to David Beckham to Cristiano Ronaldo. Na there e stop.

All the players wey don wear the no.7 jersey since that time go just turn from Lion to pussy cat. Make we start with immediately after CR7.


ANTONIO VALENCIA: Some fans no go remember am but Valencia been wear no. 7 jersey for some time after Ronaldo go Madrid. Sir Alex plan be say Valencia go replace CR7. E no too work well like that. He no too make impact until he off the jersey come wear no.25 which na watin he dey wear till date. Na after that time he balance for Utd. The pressure of No.7 been too much abi na the curse?


ANGEL DI MARIA: As Van Gaal sign this badt guy from Real Madrid wey just dey send the whole la liga go buy gala that year, i think say we don finally get REAL number 7. Him first few games he shine wella. Then he begin dey flop. Angel di Maria just turn to Wilfried Zaha. The guy form bad sotay Ashley Young bench am for the rest of that season. Wawu! Instead make he fight for him place and defend him number he pack him load comot Old Trafford after one season. This one no even get liver to handle the pressure sef.


MEMPHIS DEPAY: The day we sign this guy from PSV Eindhoveen, i just dey happy – Twitter no hear word. I just dey hype the guy after i watch him videos for youtube. BIG MISTAKE! Memphis teach me lesson say no be by youtube videos dem dey rate players. Memphis come United with big ego, swag and promise us say he go deliver. One season pass, na only flashes we see. Two seasons pass, he still no dey consistent. New manager in the person of baba special don come and Memphis no dey see ball play again. Even Ashley young dey start before am. The matter dey sad as we expect so much from the guy. We dey hear rumours say dem go sell or loan am this January. We pray say he go rediscover him form because na quality player him be.

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We dey hear everyday say Antoine Griezmann go join Man Utd from Atletico Madrid. Even though we never see am hold Red jersey dey snap in front of camera, e fit be say if he enter Man Utd e don spell the end for Memphis and them go give Griezmann the number 7 jersey. But with the way things don dey go over the last 9-10 years wey player go badt for another club, come come man utd kack that jersey the person go just dey play rubbish. Griezmann (or any other superstar we sign) go fit handle am if he join? He fit contain the pressure? He fit break the curse of the No.7 jersey? Na only time go tell.

Una fit drop una opinions for the comments box or tweet @manutdinpidgin @whatjadensaid. We go like hear from una. United we stand.


4 thoughts on “The no.7 jersey, they curse am?!

  1. I feel say no be the jersey cast Di Maria or Memphis. Na LvG do spoil for Di Maria case while dem no let Memphis hear word since e come. We forget say na 21-year-old we sign. If he play spoil for one game, we go bench am for eight games, yet Baba Felli go cast we go still dey start am.

    I bin dey reason say coaches no like players wey no fit do without skills. And na wetin the number 7 jersey dey all about. If you send people to fetch water, con put keeper for Vitafoam but you no fit dey score or assist, na bench go end am. Na so e just be.

    Na wetin I think be that.

  2. You no talk about short man Owen. E too e don the no. 7 some. E take shirt no. 7 from Valencia. E sef e come win epl. E don score only 17 for 3yrs. E sha pass. Baba Ibrahamovic don pass that goal tally for 6months!

    So make Owen commot for there. Mufc do am favour sha.

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