Players report card, Manchester United vs Reading (4-0)


After our fine form for our last game, we carry the ginger enter FA Cup as we prepare to host Reading to take qualify for the 4th round.

As usual, we all expect straight win but na how many goals and how we go take work hard for am we no know. The line-up for the match show say baba special wan rest many of the first team players as we get match again ahead. The match start well and we continue to press them right from when referee blow whistle. E no even reach 10 minutes dem chop one goal. Na the goal make Rooney dey level with Sir Bobby Charlton for the all-time highest goal scorer for Manchester United.

Romero : he don show say he dey hear word as I notice say he no dey too waste time with ball when dem give am back pass. Him ball delivery self dey good and even though he no too make plenty saves he dey alert for the match. I give am 6

Young : he do some very dangerous crosses for the game. He hold him side well for the defence. Na the yellow card wey he collect spoil him good work. I give am 6

Smalling : he hold the defence well and he do one very nice pass to Rashford. I give am 7

Rojo : my prayer now be say make the injury no plenty so he go fit dey available for our next game. Rojo improvement don help our defence very well and na bad thing e go be if we lose am. I give am 6

Blind : as usual,na sense him dey apply cos he sabi say he no too get power. This match easy for am but me I know say if na tough opponents, him go need to do pass wetin he do today. I give am 6

Carrick : our minister of direction and purpose. Even as dem break him head, baba no gree commot. He make sure say he continue the game. Na him dictate how the whole play from midfield to attack take happen. I give am 7

Fellaini : this man surprise me today. I shock say Fellaini fit dribble player take escape from tight situation come even do better pass join am. He really play well for this match as most of him passes wey I dey always complain of all dey solid today. If he continue like this then this year go sweet. I give am 7

Rashford : he wan use run kill their defenders. Even though he score two goals, he miss some good chances self. If we dey play stronger teams and he no bury those kind chances, we fit come lose the match. He need to dey more deadly with him finish. I give am 7.5

Mata : he get plenty chances self to register goal today but the thing no just work for am. Him game play with Rooney dey good self today. Him passes dey solid, I give am 6

Martial : he play well as he always make sure say the defenders no rest. He lose some good chances too, if to say he fit dey square play quickly dey release ball after he dribble him go get plenty assists. No be every ball he go score, sometimes just drop pass.  I give am 7

Rooney : apart from him goal, he push well to try score another but Al Habsi no gree am. Him passes and ball holding/control today dey wonderful. I give am 8


Jones : he enter for Rojo and he no fall hand. He compose well for the defence. I give am 6

Fosu-Mensah : he get good game too. I give am 6

Schweinsteiger : ambassador of composure. He balance the game well. Do some nice passes just to remind us of the person wey he be. I give am 6

All in all, the team turn up today tight and we show say we fit score goals even without our regular first team players. Bad belle people go say na ordinary Reading but we all know say football na 11 men for the two sides.

Anyway, na the players report card be that and until our next game make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

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