Players’ report card Manchester United vs Hull City (2-0) EFL Cup


Yesterday no be small matter as we need to really dig deep to get wetin be like comfortable result to make us relax small for the second leg of our EFL semi-final match with Hull city. Every body wey sabi ball know say the match no go be walk-over for us because we know say Hull city sabi defend well.

We miss plenty chances for the first half of the match even as we continue to dey apply pressure. Na until the second half before we come finally tear their pant with two goals. This one mean say we go get less pressure when we go play the second leg for their house.

The thing wey I like for the match na the way wey we play and continue dey hold possession and attack at the same time. We create plenty chances and even though we no use am ,I believe say na matter of time before we go begin count more than 2 goals for every match.

Oya ,make una take the report card


De Gea: except when Diomande head that ball wey knack post, he no too get any serious wahala for the match. Na just normal catch and kick out he do. I give am 6

Valencia: he really trouble their defenders for that wing even as he make sure say him side no leak to allow their attackers enter us. Na continuous running throughout the match. Him crosses dey very okay and na him do the one wey lead to the first goal. I give am 7

Smalling: he get good game, him confidence level don increase small. But make him know say on Sunday no be like this e go be easy. I give am 6

Jones: he hold him side well for the defence and he no allow any yama-yama. I give am 7

Darmian: for this match I surprise cos Darmian just leave defence turn to winger, he do some very good crosses for the game including the assist wey he get. I dey very impressed. I give am 7

Herrera: as usual, he ginger tire. Do some clean tackles and him link-up play with Mata and Pogba deserve clap. I give am 7

Pogba: my man of the match. Pogba release some kind passes for this game, all na ‘peng’ passes. Especially the one wey he give Rooney and that one he release to Rashford and Mkhitaryan. Make we no also forget him free kick wey knack bar. I give am 8 for him performance.

Mata: he get good game and reward himself with the opening goal. I like all him moves go front as he make sure say we continue to disturb their defence. I give am 7

Rooney: na that yesterday he for become ManUtd all time highest goal scorer with that sweet pass wey Pogba give am but he no knack am enter net. I give am 6 for all him other effort.

Mkhitaryan: he play him usual sexy football but e pain me for the clear chances wey he miss. He suppose get at least two goals for that match. Na him header be the assist wey Mata need to open the goal book. I give am 6

Rashford: he carry their defenders run 100m senior boys. The problem na him final ball as he no dey pick out person to give am to. Nevertheless, he really help the team. I give am 7



Martial: pepper them throughout as he make sure say he run at their defenders. Give them better headache with him movement. I give am 6

Lingard: galloper, he run round the whole field but na one faulty pass wey he do I fit remember. I give am 5 for him running

Fellaini: as he wan enter, na so all the universe shout. He clear our doubt as he score the goal wey we need to balance leg well for ground. Na serious case of rejected stone turn corner stone. He run go meet Mourinho to show him appreciation.


Na the report card be that and until our next game on Sunday against our bad belle rivals Liverpool,make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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