Everything to Ginger Una for the Battle of REDS (Manchester United vs Liverpool)


After FA Cup matches wey be happin last weekend, Premier League matches don back and for this weekend ogbonge matches go dey happin for Sunday and plenty people wey sabi dey call am “Super Sunday”. This Super Sunday na battle of “Manchester vs Merseyside” as Manchester United go dey yarn with Liverpool on top Old Trafford pitch while Everton go dey follow Manchester City yarn for their own house. The one wey concern us pass for here na the senior bros own-Manchester United vs Liverpool.

The match go dey happin for Old Trafford tomorrow Sunday 23rd January 2017, and the time na 5:00 pm for Western African Region. As na our custom and tradition, we for @manutdinpidgin go dey give una all the match tori as e dey hot for our our twitter page @manutdinpidgin. And this time, we no go dey yarn the matter alone as we get one correct madam wey be proper Ninja made musician wey go dey follow us yarn about the match before the main matter go start for pitch and her name na Simisola Ogunleye but plenty of una sabi her as “Simi” or “@simplysimi”. Like I talk before she be Ninja made musician and she don sing plenty song like Jamb Question; Tiff; Love Don’t Care and plenty plenty ogbonge songs. And tomorrow she go dey follow us yarn plenty tori including football tori and our darling Manchester United matter. The time of the yarnings na 4:00 pm Western African Time. So make una no dull because from 4:00 pm tomorrow we don standa gidi bam to dey yarn una tori about the “Battle of REDS”.

This Battle of REDS for Old Trafford don carry extra ginger of hin own join the one wey dey ground before because the match na clear chance for Manchester United to put better pressure for top four because if them win this match the gap wey go dey between them and top 3 go reduce to 3 points. On top that one we never chop cane inside 15 matches wey we don play, we don do 9 back-to-back winnings inside all the competitions wey we don play and for league sef we get 6 back-to-back winnings but for Liverpool na the opposite dey happin to them as them never win any match this new year and them never score goal inside their last two matches. This na the second time the two teams dey jam this season for Premier League. The first time na for October 2016 for Anfield and the match be finish 0-0 for that time but me no believe say that kin thing go happin again for this match.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match

Bros Zltan and Oga Rojo fit dey the match as Oga Mourinho don yarn say them go need check them if them go get ginger and stamina for the match after one be sick and the other one be get small woundjure.  Eric Bailly no go dey at allas hin don move go show for hin country wey dey play inside Africa Cup of Nations.

For Liverpool side Philippe Countinho fit start hin first league match since November after hin be carry woundjure, Jordan Henderson and Joel Matip don enter training and them sef fit dey the match but Sadio Mane don waka commot for Africa Cup of Nations with hin country.

Proper Proper Match Tori



  • This na the 50th Premier League jammings between Manchester United and Liverpool-we don chop their eyes 27 times inside the former 49 (D9 L13);
  • Liverpool don chop am 11 times inside the last 14 Premier League matches wey them play for Old Trafford;
  • Them don lose 67 league matches against United, na this one be the highest chopings wey them don chop from opponent hand;
  • The only season wey the two legs of this match end for 0-0 na 1919-20.

Manchester United

  • United don win their last 9 matches inside all competitions, this na their best run since them be win 11 matches back-to-back form January-February 2009;
  • Them fit win 7 back-to-back league matches for the first time since January to March 2013;
  • If Oga Rooney a.k.a Baba Kia play, hin go be the 21st Premier League player to reach 450 Premier League showings;
  • Oga Rooney dey find one goal to pass Sir Bobby Charlton record of 249 goals so hin go fit be number one senior scorer for Manchester United history-the stage ready wella for Bros Rooney to show hin talent.


  •  Winning for this match go set club record of 47 points after 21 matches of a Premier League season, them go pass the 46 wey them get for 2008-09-God forbid winning for them;
  • Them don fail to tear net inside back-to-back matches for the first time since them be no tear net inside 3 games for February 2016-e go happin again tomorrow;
  • Them fit no get any win inside the first 4 matches wey them go play for beginning of year inside all competitions for the first time since 1993-Big AMEN!!!!
  • Them don keep only 3 clean sheets away from home inside league this season-their goal keeper na better basket;
  • Adam Lallana don join for 14 Premier League goals this season (7 goals, 7 assists)-this one pass any other English player.

I dey believe say the ginger wey we don gather so never commot for our body and even though the match go tough small I still believe say the crowd for Old Trafford go ginger the guys wella and we go knack them at least 2-1. Una fit drop una prediction for the comment box wey dey below or make una drop am for our twitter page @manutdinpigdin. For the second match wey go happin tomorrow I dey pray make Everton win or draw as na that one go favour us pass……….#GGMU.




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