Players report card, Manchester United vs Liverpool (1-1)


After our continuous record of 9 straight wins, this match for make am 10 and na correct match with our ever present bad belle rivals for EPL. Na the number one rivalry match for EPL be this. The match start well and we all dey happy with Mourinho selection. The two teams immediately show say dem no come play as the match na end to end for the first few minutes and chances dey follow.

The match end with draw after Pogba use hand carry ball for inside box dash them penalty and Milner net am. Zlatan as usual na him come help us rescue one point for the game as he score the equaliser header for late in the 2nd half.

Na the players report card for the game be this:

De Gea : nothing he fit do for the penalty but he dey up for all the few saves wey he make. But the thing wey he use burst my head finish na him passes. All him passes dey very accurate from him box to all our outfield players. This na very good thing especially when team wan launch counter. I give am 6

Valencia : he dey solid for the defence, he just need to learn to stop dey cross ball hit defender. Sometimes just wait, cut the defender first before you pull out. I give am 6

Jones : this one make some error for the match. Shaky-shaky daddy,he just dey shake anyhow. He no dey composed for the game. I give am 5

Rojo : as usual, another better performance. He make sure say he handle the defence well. I no see any serious fault with am for the game. I give am 7

Darmian : he dey really effective for the defence but I expect am to give more when we attack. He suppose apply same ginger try push go front more. I give am 6

Herrera : solid performance, na him remain for our midfield yesterday. He do all the tackles, dirty job and tactical foul. Even when he stop Firminho for the counter attack take collect yellow card. I give am 7

Carrick : he no just dey the game at all. I no surprise when Mourinho commot am. I give am 4

Pogba : na rubbish he play. After he miss that clear chance for first half he come cause penalty, wetin come worse for the matter na how he begin lose ball cos he wan show skill, he need to learn how to keep things simple and straight forward sometimes. I give am 4

Mkhitaryan : he dey everywhere for the match so tey he even play left back, he suppose bury that chance wey he get. He need to dey more deadly with him finishing cos he dey always get chances for games. I give am 6

Martial:  he no really pepper them the way I want. He suppose wahala that Arnold pikin make he show am till dem commot am. He get some good moments but I no dey too impressed. I rate am 6

Zlatan : apart from that him free kick I no see anything wey he do but he dey the right place at the right time as usual to give us the goal wey no let shame catch us. I give am 7



Rooney: he lose the ball many times when he dey try dribble. But he try get some shot and passes. I give am 5

Mata : he create some chances when he enter as Mourinho carry Mkhitaryan go play left back. I give am 6

Fellaini: the trust wey Mourinho get for am na ogbonge. Fellaini na him change the game with him header wey knack bar before we collect ball back again come score.he do one very good pass self for the game. I give am 6

Na the report card be that and until our next game make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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