Fans For Twitter Don Yarn As Manutd Play Draw For Stoke Ground.

Na so we think say we for chop this team as boys been ginger say den no go gree say today na today, then must commot that curse of 6th position for then head. Beht one spirit follow uncle Juan ikeji Mata wey allow ball tosh him leg roll inside post.

Our boys been no play well at all, but Uncle Wazza commot From bensh come rescue our nyash. Fans been happy say we no commot empty handed,but others no happy as say we suppose con win this sturborn Goliath pikin then. Reasons our fans happy na becos Bros Rooney chariman don do deliverance go kill the powers wey no want make hin score that 250 goals.

We con enter twitter see as fans dey speak their mind. As usual me go put some here.

@Copyofone : Baba Special Kata Kata wey he start with Afro Fella na d wahalla I get with an since this season start.

@Segun_thebook: Bros Roo!Roo!! Don off stoke keeper nyash ooo and na him 250th be this one.

@adekunleGOLD: 250th ogbonge goal no be small thing oo!!

@official_bolu: I see u Baba Roo!!! After u na u ooo.

@PoojaMedia: Bros Record signing with anoda kitikata job, diariz God ooo!!

@Solaiyeps: Wazza!! My pikin! Make u wakka commot, we don see ur head.

@Omojuwa: those of Ina wey dey back Manutd with yarbs say na 6th den still dey. God dey see Ina for 3D.


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