Everything to Ginger Una for Hull City vs Manchester United

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Everything to Ginger Una for Hull City vs Manchester United

Competition: EFL Cup-Semi Final-2nd Leg

Aggregate (2-0 to Manchester United)

Date: Thursday 26th, 2017.

Time: 8:45 p.m

Venue: KCOM Stadium

Manchester United be get match today and normal normal, we for @manutdinpidgin go dey yarn una all the tori has e dey happin before the match go start, as the match dey go on and even after the match finish on top twitter. For this match we get one Ogbonge Bros wey go dey follow us yarn about wettin he dey reason about the match and Manchester United season as e dey go. The Bros name na Michael Ugochukwu Stephens but many people be sabi am as “Ruggedy Baba or Opomulero”. So if you never dey purshue us sharply go join for people wey dey purshue us for @manutdinpidgin so you no go miss anything. You still fit like our page for Facebook, our pictures for Instagram and our plenty ogbonge videos for Youtube……our handle never change na still @manutdinpigdin and na we fit dey sama you with all the better better tori wey join for Manchester United matter for our country man language.

Yes oh……na just one shipini thing remain and we don enter Wembley finish. This match wey we wan play today na for EFL Cup and na we e sure pass for the match to waka enter final as we be knack Hull City 2-0 for the first leg wey be happin for Old Trafford. If we knack them again this night we go dey return go Wembley where we be FA Cup for May. Make we sharply remind una how we take waka reach this point for the competition;

We be start our EFL waka with 3-1 knacking of Northampton Town for third round of the competition, from there we be jam Manchester City for Old Trafford and we be throwey their unbeaten tori for season inside gutter as Bros Mata be tear net for that day to make us the first team wey go flog them for this season before other teams kon start to dey borrow the cane from our hand to flog them more wella. We no kon stop there we still follow the flogging pattern as we flog West Ham 4-1 inside Old Trafford for the quarter-final before we kon flog Hull City wey some people dey call the Tigers 2-0 for first leg of the semi-final. Na Bros Mata and Bros Fellaini be tear net for us inside that match. Na so our waka for the competition be reach this point wey we dey but na one no kon mean say make we go tap mumu ball oh…..na to just carry this ginger reach Wembley so we go fit carry the cup.

Tori Tori about Dis Match


Hull city midfielder Ryan Mason no go dey this match as hin be woundjure seriously for their last match against Chelsea (thank God say hin don dey well). Curtis Davies sef no go dey as hin too get woundjure but their tear rubber pikins Lazar Markovic and Omar Elabdellaoui fit dey the match.

For our side, Marcos Rojo don well after hin be sick sick an hin no play for that our match against Stoke City. Luke shaw don well but e no be like say hin go follow them tap ball today and Eric Bailly no go play at all at all after hin country be jar commot from Africa Cup of Nations.

If we fit reach final we go dey jam Southampton wey flog Liverpool for the other semi-final match and the final go dey happin for 26th February.

Proper Proper Match Tori

  • Manchester United never chop am inside 13 matches against Hull City for all competitions (W12, D1);
  • Inside 26 of the 27 times wey team be chop am for first leg of League Cup sem-final by 2 goals or more, them don commot;
  • Manchester United don waka enter final inside the last 3 times wey them be win first leg of League Cup semi-final; 1982-83 against Arsenal, 1990-91 against Leeds United and 1993-94 against Sheffield;
  • The Tigers never chop am inside the last 6 League Cup matches wey them don tap for house (w3, D3) and them don tear net at least once for all the matches;
  • The Red Devils don chop am inside 4 of their last 5 away League Cup matches against Premier League opposition (W1), the freshest one na the 2-1 choppings against Sunderland for January 2014;
  • United sha never chop am for KCOM Stadium (W4, D1) for the former five Premier League matches wey don happin for there. The last time wey them chop am for Hull City house na for 1974;
  • Hull City sef never tear net for the former four matches wey them don follow United tap-the last time wey them tear net na May 2014 and na Matty Fryatt score for them;
  • Wayne Rooney a.k.a Papa Kia don join hand for 5 goals inside hin last 4 showings for KCOM Stadium for United (2 goals, 3 assists);
  • Manchester United don win 9 of their former 10 League Cup semi-final second leg matches. The only time wey them chop am na against Chelsea for 2004-05 season.

I believe say we go knack Hull City wella bad as e bad we go follow them tap 1-0…….you fit drop your own prediction for inside our comment box or for our twitter handle @manutdinpidgin……..#GGMU.






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