Five Things Wey We Observe: Leicester City 0-3 Manchester United

Today na better day for Manchester United fans as our guys flog Leicester City for their house. The win sweet no be small because Arsenal and Liverpool be mess up so we don get chance to shook our head for top 4 matter.


At 35 years and 125 days, Zlatan Ibrahimovic na the oldest player wey go reach 15 Premier League goals inside one season. 

Though the win never still commot us from 6th position but small small we don dey near our target. The people wey score for us today na Mkihitaryan, Ibrahimovic and Mata. My prayer be say make just dey carry the ginger go.

Anyways we wan sharply yarn five things wey we observe for the match;

The first thing wey we observe na say we play beautiful nonsense for beginning of that first half. In fact when the match bin dey go on I dey reason say Leicester go tear our yansh before we go get sense. One thing wey me reason be part of the matter for that beautiful nonsense na because of the many cross and nod type of football we wan dey play…..that thing no just join for us all.

The second thing wey we observe na say Eric Bailly sabi hin job for that defence no be small. Hin just pocket Vardy like say nah hin carry am come. And hin combination with Smalling be like beginning of season. So this one mean say Jose get two correct combination for that our defence…… (Rojo and Jones) plus (Eric and Smalling).

The third thing wey we observe na say Pogba still never start to dey deliver wella for match. Hin still never start to dey command that midfield the way plenty of us dey expect am to and again hin too dey delay attack as per hin no dey sharply release pass. Oga Mourinho gatz still sit am down yarn better word with am no be only to dey do hair style and release dance video. Make hin start to dey perform better for pich sef.

The fourth thing wey we observe na say Mkhitaryan get better speed and hin sabi hin role for that number 10 position. For that first goal hin use speed scatter Leicester defence before hin kon net corner of the roof. Even for the third goal hin start the move before hin and Mata kon do one two before Mata kon score.

The fifth thing wey we observe na say baba Ibra na old man wey still get football sense and hin be ogbonge signing for us. No be only the goal hin score be the better thing wey hin do but hin link up play today make brain.

We know say na Five things wey we observe but this one na jara; Jose Mourinho get beef with Martial because I no know why Young go enter pitch before am.

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