Everything to Ginger Una for Final Manchester Derby (Manchester City vs Manchester United)


Our next match go na the match wey dey divide Manchester as BLUE go dey jam RED and everybody gats carry one side. The match na the Manchester derby and City (Blue) go dey jam United (RED) and the match go dey happen for Etihad Stadium today by 8:00 pm 9ja time. As na our way we go dey yarn una all the match tori for our twitter page wey be @ manutdinpigdin and @sympLySimi go dey join us for the before match tori wey go dey happen by 7:00 pm 9ja time. So if you never dey purshue us sharply go purshue us for twitter so you no go miss any of the yarnings and make you no forget to like our Facebook page, pictures for Instagram and videos for YouTube……our account na one and the same @manutdinpigdin.

After the way we be tear Burnley yansh for weekend this match na better chance for us to enter top four even top three sef if we fit knack City like 2-0. One thing wey dey confirm about this match be say if we fit knack City we go jump them pass enter top 4 any other thing na jara. The comma wey just dey be say our players don too woundjure as we don tap play plenty matches (55) this season but me cut my cap for them because on top all the mess up wey we don do better correct chance dey say we go enter top 4 and we fit win two trophies join am.

This na the third jamming this season and the count na 1-1 as them be flog us 2-1 for league for Old Trafford but we sef be flog them 1-0 for EFL Cup for Old Trafford. So the person wey go win this one na hin go carry the bragging rights of Manchester for the season as the count go be 2-1.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match


The last time we be jam for Etihad Stadium, na Rashford be burst their yansh open.

David Silva fit no dey the match after hin be carry woundjure for their last match wey them chop flogging for Arsenal hand. Sergio Aguero sef be carry woundjure for the match but hin dey fit to play for this our match. Gabriel Jesus dey ginger for the match after hin be well from hin woundjure but “apari” Pep Guardiola talk say hin matter never settle finish.

For our own doormat, “oga dab” Paul Pogba be get small woundjure and Oga Mourinho don yarn say hin no go dey this match but oga Mourinho kon still yarn say our “senior midfield officer” Bros Ander Herrera and “oga one way” Bros Antonio Valencia go full ground for the match wella.

But the other “bros” like Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo plus Juan Mata still get bad bad woundjure so them no go dey this match.

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • This na the first Manchester derby wey them go play for Thursday inside any competition since November 1994, when Andrei Kanchelskis be tear net with hin hat-trick as United be flog City 5-0 for Old Trafford inside Premier League;
  • City don win five inside the former eight league jammings, but one of their last choppings inside the jamming na the 1-0 flogging wey them collect last season when Marcus Rashford be tear net for Eithad Stadium;
  • Oga Jose Mourinho don flog “apari” Pep Guardiola only one time inside five league jammings (D1, L3). Hin Real Madrid side be flog Guardiola Barcelona 2-1 for April 2012.

Manchester City

  • Them don chop am inside only one of their 18 Premier League games for house since United be flog them for derby last season for March last year;
  • The only one chopping wey them collect inside 11 matches na when Chelsea be flog them (W6, D4);
  • If them win Thursday match, e mean say them go pass 66 points wey them be get last season;
  • Sergio Aguero don tear net inside five back-to-back Premier League showings, na one goal remain for am to reach hin best record for league wey hin be get around April and May last year;
  • Aguero don tear net eight times inside 10 showings for City against United but hin never tear net inside the last two jammings.

Manchester United

  • Them fit equal their club record of unbeaten run of 24 matches inside one single season wey be happen for 2010-11;
  • Na them get the best Premier League best points-per-game average inside away matches (2.20) and them fit gather five straight league winnings for road for the the first time since December 2011;
  • Them don open yansh only fives times inside Premier League for 2017, nobody don tight yansh reach them this year for league;
  • Na only one draw remain for them to equal the club record of 13 inside one Premier League season wey be happen for 1998-99;
  • Oga Mourinho never flog Manchester City for their house inside four league jammings (D2, L2);
  • Bros Wayne Rooney a.k.a Papa Kia don tear net record 11 times inside Manchester derbies but hin never tear net inside hin last five games.

I believe say we gather better ginger for this match but as e be derby so person no fit just yarn say na wettin go happen be this but because of the ginger wey we don gather and the matter of 4th position don enter I dey tip our guys to do better something………you fit predict the score line for the comment box below or for our twitter page…………#GGMU and make una no forget say #ManchesterIsRed.



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