Everything to Ginger Una for Celta Vigo vs Manchester United

Europa League

Competition: Europa League

Date: Thursday, 04th April 2017.

Semi-Final 1st Leg

Time: 08:05 p.m

Venue: Estadio de Balaidos

Our waka for Europa League don reach point of no return as we don dey smell promise land small small but the red wey dey our front as obstacle Celta Vigo. The match go dey happen tomorrow Thursday 4th of April 2017 by 08:05 9ja time for Estadio de Balaidos wey be Celta Vigo house inside Spain. If you no fit watch the match no worry as we for @manutdinpidgin go dey yarn all the match tori from beginning reach end of match. Our match tori go dey start from 7:05 pm (9ja time) and we go dey yarn am with one ogbonge madam wey be @UcheJombo.

So sharply sharply go purshue us for twitter so you no go miss anything as e dey happin for the match. You still fit like our page for Facebook, our pictures for Instagram and our plenty ogbonge videos for Youtube……our handle never change na still @manutdinpigdin and na we fit dey sama you with all the better better tori wey join for Manchester United matter for our country man language.

This na serious matter as the two teams know say na just 180 minutes plus jara time wey refree go add na wettin remain before anyone fit reach final for Sweden for May 24th. For United side, the draw wey them carry for weekend for Premier League no make brain at all but the draw mean say we dey 25 games unbeaten for Premier League and we dey unbeaten inside 11 games for all competitions so. But for Celta Vigo side, their form for their league no too make sense as them dey 11th for their table and them don chop am inside the last 3 games wey them be play for league. But one tori be say their oga Eduardo Betizzo be carry Europa League matter for head as hin be rest eight of hin senior men for the weekend match wey them be chop 3-0. If the matter go boil for hin head give am water or if na dust e go carry come we go dey observe……..

Tori Tori about Dis Match


Oga Mourinho go dey pray say Henrikh Mkhitaryan shine shine form for Europa continue tomorrow. 

As I be talk before, Celta Vigo oga be carry Europa League matter for head so them no get any woundjure matter for their door mot.

For our own door mot, better news wey don make plenty fans and oga Jose Mourinho jollificate na say plenty players don come back from woundjure. Defender-in-general Eric Bailly be follow the team waka go Spain after hin be jumpee comot for field for weekend. Even the “beetles brothers” Chris Smalling and Phil Jones be follow the team train and them waka go Spain sef as their woundjure be fly commot after oga Mourinho be tear them better warning.

Finally for our door mot, “oga dabbing” Paul Pogba sef don come back from hin woundjure and Bros Juan Mata fit start for the match after hin be come from hin woundjure for weekend.

Celta Vigo be commot Genk inside quarter final of the competition and them never chop am inside their former five European matches (W4, D1) but na only one clean sheet them don get inside six Europa League games for their house. United be commot Anderlecht for extra-time for quarter final round for Old Trafford.

This game na the first time wey the two teams dey jam each other and this na the first time the Spanish side dey enter semi-final inside serious European competition. According to UEFA, Celta Vigo record inside nine jammings against English teams na W5, D0, L4 (W2, D0, L2 in Vigo). Their latest jamming against English side na when them be jam Newcastle United for 2006/07 UEFA Cup group stage.

United go dey find means to carry this trophy by fire by force. Aside from say anybody wey win am don enter Champions League group stage for next season, the trophy na the only serious trophy wey United never carry for modern day football.

Me dey predict say we go draw them for house and we go kon kill them for Old Trafford inside second leg. You fit drop your own prediction of the match for our comment box below or for our twitter page………..#GGMU.


One thought on “Everything to Ginger Una for Celta Vigo vs Manchester United

  1. I no even want think anything say draw. All wey me I want na victory. We get to must win aller and retour matches. Because the way we di take draw matches for league, e show say we no go fit go above manchester city. We get to win this cup.

    kudos for this new website. Much love from Cameroon!

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