Andreas Pereira dey ready to fight for first team shirt in Manchester United

Manchester United pikin Andreas Pereira don commot yarn say e fit play football for many positions, say e don learn many things on loan at Granada.


Fashi say the club wey e go learn work (loan) bin relegate from La Liga, the 21-year-old bin play ball 37 times for them and e don learn many things and e believe say the things wey e learn for there, fit epp am as e dey compete for place at Old Trafford.

One of the things wey dey make United fans argue pass, na say nobody sabi Andreas Pereira’s best position, as the guy don tap ball for many roles. When e first enter Granada for Spain, e dey play for flanks, Later dey con move am to central position.


“When i first reach there, na out wide i dey play, later, dey con say make i play no.10 and the in the last two or three months, dem play say make i play central midfield,” na wetin Pereira yarn.

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“Everything gel and i dey reason say i don find another position wey i sabi play. I dey reason say e make sense when person sabi play for many positions and Granada don use me for all the midfield positions wey dey and e sweet me say the coach trust me and i try for dem. Anywhere my manager wan use me, na hin i go play. I fit play many roles.”

“For Granada, things dey different from when i dey at United as the team bin dey perform badly. For there, na mostly defend person dey defend and that thing require serious energy. The thing no easy at all but i don dey change and i dey feel say i don get power now and i fit dey play games each week.”

“When i wakka enter here, the thing bin no dey easy ehn onto say for United, na we dey hold possession pass, but for here, na counter and long balls wey we dey use. E bin no dey easy for i bin adapt and i handle am well.”

The koko na say whether Pereira fit force himself into Jose Mourinho’s plans. E tear net for the first game wey Mourinho manage against Wigan (Na friendly match), and Baba Special don dey monitor am carefully.

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“I dey reason say i dey ready now,” E still dey yarn. “I don play over 2,000 minutes now for La Liga and i try. I feel say i dey over ready self to play football with Men dem. I don mature, my body don full ground, my brain don mature. I don come back and i dey hope say i go play for United next season.”


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