Who Mourihno gats offload this summer?

It don make several weeks wey transfer window don open. Time don con make we talk about those players wey Mourihno gats offload from our bus.
It get as it be, Baba Ibro wey score plenty goals for us last season no go dey with us again. As yin carry severe injury and don tear calendar well (36yrs), Ed Woodward con do the maths and then decide say make we no give am new contract. This go give us opportunity to sign young striker like Moratta.

But we still get serious problems. We too get ojoros for this our squad. Farmers and carpenters in the name of football players. People wey don try their best for Manchester United, but their best con be like Nigerian government yi attempt to fight corruption-not good at all. 

Some of them na Bebe family brothers. Some of them learn football na from Djemba Djemba, and some others Sanogo yin relatives.

Who for your mind you con think say na farmer wey we gots offload or push inside lagoon? 

As you dey comment the names, na so we MUIP go dey dissect the player for see if yin intestine get use or not.

Oya drop their names…



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