Lindelof dun day eye free kicks for Manchester United.

       Victor Lindelof dun yarn say hin dey “ball wella” if na to carry free kicks tear post, and go put hin name ontop baba for set piece crown for Manchester United.

       The Sweden international complete hin move to united on Wednesday as hin sigh four-year contract with the Premier League oooga as months pass way dem dun dey yarn say dem want am.

       Lindelof dun stam am pam! say hin want make dem dey look am as central-back wey dey play for midfield before, although the 22-year-old wan make dem dey mix am for free kicks next season.

“I dey ball wella for dah side if dem gimme opportunity to take free kicks, I think say I go reach there,” Lindelof yarn MUTV.

       Lindelof, who dun get 12app for Sweden as international player so, join Benfica from Vesteras SK for 2012, first first represent the Portuguese side B team before hin do starboy enta first team picture for 2015.


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