Ramon Calderon believe say Ronaldo fit do United comeback

Report wey dey touch us for ear from Portugal yarn this morning say the 32-year-old dun decide say hin wan commot for Real Madrid.

Calderon yarn say: “If hin dun talk watin hin want for mind, I no think say e get amendment. Hin get strong-mind and dey very clear ontop anything way fly commot him mouth. As hin talk say him wan commot so, I no see any Made In China logo for hin body abi make hin even go Middle East, I no think am at all. Na ogbonge club way fresh, rich con big join and hin go wan try win more titles and even personal awards join.

“Na ogbonge fighter hin be he con get beta shape join. Hin fit play again for the best club and I think that club now na Real Madrid. I no fit tell you watin hin wan do but I hope say hin go stay, I dey sure say hin go stay… As I even dey see am e no go easy o. Me sef get dah kyn situation with Manchester United when hin wan commot as I con sign am. Hin yarn say ‘Egbon I wan commot’ naso e con be.

“The same year I con carry Robinho problem join my own as him sef wan commot. As president you no fit do anything than make u help am carry hin bag and boot commot for the club make hin dey go con get the best deal possible. I say hin never decide as to leave but if hin dun make hin mind say ntin go shake am, e go hard as to change situation. No be children club like some pple I no talk name o, fit stand gidigba dey dem wan reach hin expectations abi even pass am sef. No be because say dem no fit pay hin money but because say dem need to offer am possibility say dem go dey win titles and personal awards.

“The relationship [between Ronaldo and Mourinho] for Madrid no shine teeth like that but dah one no con mean say hin no fit do Manchester comeback where everything wey happen for him career hin dey very grateful foram. Hin delay hin move to Madrid for one year because Ferguson be like hin papa to am. Hin get many likes for club, the fans, the city and me sef no fit rule out hin move back.”


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