Chris Smalling yarn sey United go chop confam winning mentality for tour

Jose Mourinho team go jam together ontop this new season for the club Carrington training ground for July 8 as dem wan do medical tests, before dem fly commot go USA as to begin dem pre-season tour the following day.

When pesin talk sey ‘pre-season’ to you watin go first pup for ur mind?

Hard work and travelling, but go dey able to play all the confam football wey u sabi play for different countries for joy. The games na hin totori me pass for the tour leve.

Watin u go enjoy join ontop the tour to United States?

To dey see new places and training for different facilities. E gbam todey see and learn about different cultures for life and sport and we go train small for other sport team facilities so e always dey make sense if u carry one  or two knowledge go home afta tour.

We go dey face Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City and other teams for awa tour this year – how as we go dey Oleg people like thst help with the preparation ontop sey new season dey come?

Na the kyn team wey go make us teat ourselves against for pre-season. If we dey ff people like that jam, e go boost awa moral wen season start. In short we fit use dah testing mentality dey nack people and how wen season start.

Se buzz ames like those ones dey, even when e be sey na just friendlies?

Yes 100 per cent. E no even mata at all weda na friendly  abi na ogbonge Champions League game, you go wan win shaa ni. Everyone mentality dey the same every time for those games and for every game we play.


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