Ronaldo go really come to Man Utd?

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Cristiano Ronaldo fit come Man Utd but ‘comma’ dey.

‘Cristiano Ronaldo to Man Utd’ news na watin dey rock transfer tori over the last week. Everything start when we hear say Spanish authorities bin accuse Ronaldo of ‘tax evasion’, say him dey owe €14 million in tax. We hear say  Ronaldo, 32, vex say dem dey accuse am come talk say he wan leave Spain.

Him agent don sharply put him price tag and e expensive gan!


Man Utd, PSG and Bayern na the teams wey don show major interest in signing the 4 time Champions league winner (no be everybody fit afford am).  We dey even hear say we wan give De Gea plus €170 million for Ronaldo and Morata. That deal no too make sense in my opinion.

Ronaldo don talk am say he go like return to Manchester United and now dey look like good time for that to happen. As na better coach wey Ronaldo don work with before dey coach Man Utd in Jose Mourinho.

BUT make we dey honest. Ronaldo no fit come THIS Manchester United. The team still dey in the process of rebuilding. We never settle down yet and let teams know say Man United na team to fear. We bin flourish for Europa League but we fit the same against then best in Europe?

Ronaldo na arguably the best footballer of all time. He don win everything scatter over the last seasons with Madrid. In that time, he don score 50 goals + in 8 seasons back to back. The kind quality wey dey Real Madrid no be here and na why Ronaldo dey flourish. He fit get that kind service for Man Utd? He fit score 50 goals + if he come Man Utd?

We know say Ronaldo get big rivalry with Leo Messi of Barcalona. Messi don win 5 ‘Best player’ awards and Ronaldo dey on his way to the 5th (he get 4 as of now). If Ronaldo win am, he go draw with Messi. But once he Comot Real Madrid, he fit contends for Balon D’Or again with Messi? Na watin Ronaldo go dey think because him na person wey wan achieve and break all the records.

Man Utd and Real Madrid no be the same quality yet make we dey honest. Ronaldo go throw away the chance to become the greatest player in history once and for all and come to Man United?

Two seasons ago, Ramos talk say he dey come Man Utd and we don set mind say he go sign but na Real Madrid he later stay, con sign contract extension sef. E fit be the same story wey dey happen now with Ronaldo. The truth be say Man Utd need Ronaldo but does Ronaldo need Man Utd? I leave that answer to una. Make una comment your opinion for the comments section.


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