VAR: na gift or na curse? 

Goal ball!!! Oh, no the referee don cancel am, linesman say na offside. Nothing dey pain fans pass this thing, make your team score and the thing no be like offside but referee and linesman collabo cancel your team goal. 
One of the iconic goals of all time NA Maradona ‘hand of God’, Argentina fans see am as good goal but England fans fit kill Maradona for that goal. 

If VAR dey that time, dem for fit recall the scene and probably see say na hand ball. 

This na one of the reasons FIFA decide to test the VAR (video assisted referee) for this confederation Cup so we go know if we go adopt am fully for next year world cup so that referee go fit make better decisions wey go help the game. 

Wetin surprise me na as fans wey dey complain before say referee no dey make good decisions for match come dey complain about the VAR wey dem introduce to help avoid any rubbish thing wey fit influence game result. 

Truth be say, I no dey too blame referee for games before cos na only once dem get to view any event for game. NA we the fans go dey house dey watch after plenty replay and slow motion go dey abuse am. 

I no dey make excuse for referees dem but now wey VAR don dey and the referee dey make decisions based on am, I wonder why fans still dey blame referee. 

The VAR self no dey perfect as we don see, but make we accept say na testing 1-2 dem dey do for now. 

Ẹ just be like when dem first introduce goal line technology, na so fans complain but we don see say e good for the game. 

My problems with this VAR na 

  • the response time : fans go don celebrate forget self, count scores join put for pocket before referee go receive call alert say something happen before the goal
  • Proof : when the event happen, na only we the fans wey dey watch for television dey know wetin happen, ẹ go make plenty sense if fans and players self fit see am for screen for stadium as we dey see am too. 
  • Double check: as we see for yesterday game of Cameroon and Germany wey referee stop game cos of VAR but he still go give wrong player red card. 

I dey in support of the VAR thing, na just to fine tune am and make dem correct the mistakes before we get another hand of God. Wetin be your own view? Share am with us. 


Wetin you think?

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