Four things Ander Herrera gats to do if hin wan turn United Legend.

Na everybody love the Spaniard around the club: fans, coaching staff, partners. So as to achieve next level of greatness, na the things hin need to do be dis.


Win (bigger) trophies

Last season Manchester United win 3 trophies and Ander Herrera na him dem name as best player – something wey need to dey proud of. But to become legend, United fans dey expect you to win everything. League title fit be great start and Ander still neva achieve this milestone. As long as hin yanch still get red paint con remain key cog in this machine, hin chances to become one of the greatest go increase.


Get better stats

The Spaniard assist haul last season fit be like say e dey  impressive (11), but e still dey far from the best standards, aa e be say e take Herrera 50 games and 5 competitions to complete dah task. Hin goal stats no too gbam like that- mere 2. Hin go need to tear more if him dun set to become United great. Him fit even look Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard wey, despite say dem no be strikers, often dem dey contribute more than anyone else ontop pitch.

Become captain

Herrera dun earlier voice hin disinterest for captaincy, but e probably no mean anything for Jose Mourinho if hin makes up hin mind about a.. Wayne Rooney dun set to commot for the club and even if hin no commot, e no be like say Mourinho go wan get bench player as hin captain. Plus, Herrera na one of Mou’s favourite players wey sabi, so if we consider all this things so, jigsaw fit really fall into place for the Spaniard and hin go start the new season with the armband for hin arm.


Consistency na the key

Herrera na Matt Busby player of the season for one reason. Hin huge throughout last season, but slacking no dey off for am. Na only his last season wey hin become revelation so hin dey yet to prove say hin fit maintain this level and even more. Next season United go dey play Champions League football and if Ander fit be effectively as good for this tournament as hin be for domestic competitions, then dem no fit forget am.


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