One Main Reason wey Make Pogba Enter ManUtd


Maazi Pogboom… bad guy wey him be.

Juventus Manager, Max Allegri dun hail Paul Pogba as ‘Correct Confamento Confam’ player and him don yarn why him no ‘shake body’ to hold the Frenchman for Juventus last summer when ManUtd dey knock gbam gbam for them door to carry Pogba back to Old Trafford.

Pogba been waka commot United for shinkily money for 2012 only for United to realize say them shit for church as them see say the guy dun improve wella dey show himsef for Italy and him go be better addition to Baba Special squad. Na him them con rush go buy the midfielder for a world record fee of £89 million.

Although say Maazi Pogba Na key squad member for Juventus team wey win four Serie A titles back to back and Coppa Italia twice, Juventus longer-throat allow Pogba to waka commot the Italian club as Manchester United flash them the amount of Kishi them wan use buy am.


Pogba when him be smallie for United before him waka go Juventus

Coach Allegri wey been just dey arrive for Juventus from Milan after him replace Agbero them coach (Conte) been just know say no need to fight to keep am for the club.

Him tell Olofofo Journalists them say: “Pogba or Paulo Dybala? Dybala ball sense dey sweet me well well to watch, but Pogba ball sense dey complex because him get the body and skills to knack that kain ball. Them no born me well to keep Maazi Pogba for Juventus, because when my oga for the top show me the amount wey United wan use buy am, na so my body just weak….”

Thank Jah Jehovah say e turn out like that o my people…….One Blood!


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