Penalty – why na me go start?


every time wey match end for penalty shootout, we the fans go dey look dey wonder which player go start and which player go lose him own.

this na wetin happen between me and my padi dem as we dey watch the confederations cup match between Portugal and Chile. Truth be say we all know say Ronaldo go wan form savior of the team and play last so he go say na him win the match but as far as i dey concerned, nothing like world best when na penalty shoot out. na your best penalty takers you go line up to play first and nobody suppose dey any other.

This na one of the reasons wey UEFA dey suggest to change the penalty kick format so that if team A and B dey play, A go first play and B go play then B go play again before A go come play and e go dey go like that, in this case the thing go balance somehow as no be the second team go just pack all the pressure for body when dem lose.

difference dey between world best player and penalty takers. some players fit no get big impact for match but you know say dem no go lose penalty.

This na the reason i dey respect germany. when game end for penalty and you dey play against them just know say you don lose. Na unless dem wan dash you the match na wetin fit make you win. Na their best penalty takers go first start, nothing like world best or star player wait to play the last one.

Next time if your team dey play penalty, put your best penalty takers first,



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