Wetin You dey expect from Manchester United for next season?

paul-pogba-man-united-jesse-lingard-old-trafford_3793054My people, so make we try fashi everything wey dey happen in the transfer market right now as we all sabi say Ed Woodward dey dull. But make we try imagine say Jose Mourinho go sign all the players wey hin need before the summer finish – Which kind targets you feel say Manchester United gots set for themselves?

We at MUIP believe say e go make sense if United try fight for the League title. We go like make the title be our number one priority. If United no win League next season, i no go complain but the one wey go pain me pass, na if dem no finish top 3. Anything wey go lead to 6th position again? i rebuke am in Jesus Name.

We dey reason say United fit reach quarter-finals in the Champions League – Make i talk truth, e go pain me if United jah before this stage, especially if dem no commot from Group stage.

Last season, e sweet me say Jose Mourinho bin focus on domestic cups. The truth be say if no be for that red card wey Herrera get for FA Cup against Chelsea, we for win am. This season, e go make sense if Jose give chance to the youths in the domestic cups as we gots preserve our big players for big matches, make fatigue no kill dem.

Dem troway Lukaku bid enta dustbin, Phil Jones no dey go any where and other transfer amebo

So for us at MUIP, We go dey happy if United finish top 3, dem fit reach Champions League quarter final and dem fit carry one domestic cup with small pikins.

Shey we dey too harsh? or our targets no be am? Make we know.



Wetin you think?

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