Who go dey better for Manchester United? Morata or Lukaku


Na who go dey better for us? Na that same question dey on the lips of every Manchester United fan wey dey this world. Some people dey feel Alvaro Morata, while others dey feel Romelu Lukaku. This summer, the Reds don dey linked to both strikers and i wan sharply yarn una how i feel about the whole matter.

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First na Alvaro Morata aka Real Madrid winsh danger man, the only man wey fit warm bench from Morning till night, but as soon as e enter pitch, e go tear net. Morata get skill, E fast, e sabi move and e sabi as football take be. One thing wey i like about am, na the fact say e sabi compose himself.

Jose Mourinho go face goalkeeper dilemma if De Gea con stay for the club

On the other hand, na Romelu Lukaku, Everton yansh tearer. The only man wey fit score five goals in one match, then e go con dey do like mumu for another match. Lukaku no get skill reach Morata but e get power ehn and e fast. E shock me say the guy fast because e dey very big and most big strikers dey lazy, dem no fit run to save their life. E sabi tear shot wey carry weight.. E fit vess tear shot wey go make keeper faint. E sabi bully defenders. One problem wey i get with am, na say e no dey shine for big match

Image result for MORATA and LUKAKU

So make i know your thoughts? Who you feel say dey better?


Wetin you think?

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