Ibrahimovic fit play confam role behind the scene for Manchester United as mentor to 75m Lukaku

Manchester United dun set as to reap the awards this season and beyond as Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku dey take dem high profile friendship onto the pitch, £164m of supreme talent link up each week sp as to restore the club to the pinnacle English and European game.

The pair dey the same age, as dem do dem holiday together for the last two summers, dom two con share powerful agent for Mino Raiola, as e be say Lukaku decision as to come OT con dey play for United instead of to go join agberos back for ghetto wey be Chelsea shele tru Pogba influence.

E con dey very obvious say the relationship wey people dey comment on United for this time go see. But perhaps, just as e be say e crucial reach,  another individual too dun dey wet fit help shape Lukaku early days for Manchester, and make we no deceive away self’s naZlatan Ibrahimovic.

Dem formally release Ibrahimovic for United wen June end after hin suffer serious knee injury for closing stages of last season. Hin no go fit wella to play again until January – wey be say e fit possible say United fit hand am short-term deal – but hin remain for the club for the main time after dem send am invitation to do hin rehab for Carrington.

As hin dun con undergone surgery for May, Ibrahimovic dun already vex scata body enta training ground back in the last few days and con continue to be part of things for one kyn informal manner for a while yet.


Hin no officially be team-mate of Lukaku, but the pair, wey be say dem dey share Raiola as agent, go likely chop interaction as hin go con get in contact for near daily basis. That relationship, wey be say people never really yarn and misyarn ontop, fit be huge for Lukaku as to fulfil hin enormous potential.

If dem fit wan call one developing young forward wey sabi all the  incredible benefit say if pesin dey get daily access to Ibrahimovic and hin wealth of experience, na Marcus Rashford.

When hin follow Manchester Evening News yarn for April, the teenager described watin hin dey learn from the 35-year-old as ‘irreplaceable’, as hin con suggest say e go dey improve am for years to come


“No other forward for this world fit dum come in and for me to bin dey able to learn plenty plenty tin from am. Nobody else dey wey we fit dun dey learn dah kyn plenty thing from about football and mentally also than from am,” Rashford yarn ontop hin elationship with Zlatan.

“For me na the mentality hin bring come, na the biggest thing I go dey try and take be that. Hin mentality alone na watin put am ahead of the game. Before hin even kick ball ontop pitch for hin mind hin dun already dey ahead of everyone else and na massive mentality wey pesin fit get.”

Rashford hibself go of course continue to dey benefit as well, but Lukaku fit genuinely become world beater if hin fit use Ibrahimovic as hin mentor, even on short-term basis.

The single biggest criticism of Lukaku centa ontop his mentality and consistency – he sti need to learn wella ontop how hin fit produce hib best or help hin team for decisive way every game. Zlatan background influence go essentially be extra bonus for United, a gift wey show by circumstances, but na one wey Lukaku fot utilize to be great effect.

Ibrahimovic pick out ‘strong’ Lukaku as one of the best strikers currently wey dey play for Premier League when hin yarn BT Sport for April, and hin influence fit make all the difference dey go from ‘one of the best’ to becoming the ‘very best’.


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