Luk watin u don do! Dem arrest Manchester United target for LA

The talismanic Everton striker, wey be say e remain small make hin complete £75m+ move to Manchester United, dun bin be the pesin wet people deg yarn about throughout the past week – but e appear say all of these stories dey enta hin head too much thanks to one kyn report from ​TMZ Sports.

The USA-based media outlet dun revealed say the United transfer target enta police booking for Beverley Hills by L.A police after gargantuan house party cause angry neighbours to call the authorities six times becos say Lukaku dey disturb dem peace.

The 23-year-old dun dey live for California for the past fortnight alongside hin good friend and soon-to-be-team mate Paul Pogba as dem go soon return to matters on field with pre-season training.

The duo, wey be say dem likely to dey part of United travelling squad for dem tour to US for the coming days, con troway huge party for dem plush pad on Sunday 2nd July – as e be say e vex dem neighbours nearby.

Suffice to say, dem call popo out on a number of occasions and, after Lukaku failed to heed dem warnings say make dem turn down the noise, dem con arrested am over say hin fail to comply with them.

United fans fir rest easy, though. Dem no formally charge Lukaku or takee am to police station, but dem issue with citation – paper wey dem dey use for various courts if any individual require them somewhere for time wey certain.

Lukaku go likely çhop slap on the wrist and con get fine to pay cos say hin ignor police requests, but hin go dey more capable to fork out whatever punishment dem give am.

The Toffees forward dun initially commot hope of rejoining boyhood club Chelsea, but dun set to move down the M62 to Old Trafford sometime in the next few days after hin chop pencilled for  United medical.


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